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Product Review: Aeronautica Imperialis (GW - 2019)


So I’ve posted a couple of Battle Reports. Now I should do a Product Review!

Basic Fluff:

It’s the 40,0000 Universe. The poor “Ground Pounders” are being harassed by enemy air support and it’s your job to stop them!

Aeronautica Imperialis (AI) is one of the Classic Specialist Games branch of Games Workshop (GW) that have been reviewed, renewed and re-released, like Blood Bowl. Like other Specialist games, you don’t need to play any other of Games Workshops’ games in order to enjoy it. You can use it to create a campaign and link with Battlefleet Gothic (out-of-print) and Warhammer 40,000, but it plays fine on its own.

I would equate Aeronautica Imperialis as your “Basic Beer & Pretzel” game or an introduction to more complex Air Combat game systems.



If I were to compare the rules to anything, it would be a hybrid of “Star Wars – X-Wing” and “Check Your 6!” (CY6).

The game is played on a Hex map (like CY6) and has altitude bands (again, like CY6).  Moves are planned in advance and revealed as the individual aircraft move.  Movement is planned by dropping a counter with the move number (like X-Wing) so there's no tracking separate sheets for each plane. Maneuver Numbers are based on a Movement Diagram (similar to CY6), but ALL aircraft use 1 Movement Diagram. No need for multiple charts if you have multiple types of aircraft.

As players activate Aircraft during movement, speed is first set (changing the current speed up to the maximum change allowed by the throttle stat), then the maneuver is carried out, and finally speed set after modifiers for climbing (-1 Speed) or diving (+1 Speed).

The Movement Diagram allows you to decide to go Left or Right for most maneuvers as you Activate and move the aircraft, usually allowing multiple final headings to choose from when the model has stopped, unlike CY6! CY6 requires a more detailed description including direction and speed and final heading that you've set during the planning phase, long before you move your model. This maked CY6 basically simultanious movement while AI is alternating aircraft as it makes a difference from plane to plane. This can be important if the move to left you planned originally suddenly appears to be the worst thing you can do, so you can decide to go right instead! Or you want to take advantage of a plane that moved where you want to go so you want to slow-down a hex or two to tail. 

There are only 8 maneuvers to choose from in the Movement Diagram. The limitation of which moves each type of aircraft are allowed is in the Aircraft Statistics of the Aircraft. Usually these are defined like "1-4", or "1-3, 6". Not all aircraft can do all 8 maneuvers – in fact, most can only do 4-6 maneuvers!

After the movement is the Shooting Phase, where each player alternates which aircraft (or Ground Defence) Activates, then fires until one or both players are done. Damage is immediate – if he shoots down your bomber before you activate it, your bomber doesn’t get to drop its bombs! This makes choosing which plane to activate very important and can win or lose the game. This system is similar to Adeptus Titanicus. What’s nice is that damage is recorded on the model stands themselves with the use of tokens or “Chits”. No extra Record sheets! You could record the damage on individual stat cards for the aircraft if you dodn't want to do the Chits on the stands.

There are multiple “versions” of the rules at the moment. The initial release consisted of a box set with minimum rules (just enough to get you started) as well as the book “Rynn’s World Air War – Campaign Book” which contained all the rules. The initial set and book covered the Imperial Navy and Orks. GW has just release a New Campaign Book:Tarlos Air War – Campaign Book” which covers Tau and Imperial well as a couple of new aircraft for Imperial Navy..

Don’t buy Rynn’s World except for the fluff or stats for Imperial Navy or Orcs. It wasn’t a BAD book, but there were some issues with how they wrote up some rules. These rule issues have been (mostly) fixed in the new campaign book or by downloading the FAQ.

If you’re just starting out, buy the second book: “Tarlos Air War – Campaign Book. THIS is the book with all the latest and greatest and NEW rules in one place. You’re still going to need the FAQ downloaded from GW’s site, but it’s much easier and those rules that needed major corrections have been fixed. Mostly. 

Both the Campaign Books also contain missions and simple campaign rules that allow you to gain experience. A plus when compared to some other games.If you want the campaign rules for the Orcs or Imperial Navy, you'll need Rynn's World.

Overall, rules-wise, this is a good starter game for those who want an introduction to Air Combat games as it uses most of the concepts of other games of the genre, placed in a simpler package. Game play typically is 2-3 hours, though we've done the Dogfight in 30 minutes with 3 planes a side. Though official missions reportedly take 12 turns, we’ve found in most games 3-5 turns is enough to complete the mission.  Typical missions have between 3-6 planes per side.


So far, GW has released forces for:

  • Imperial Navy
  • Orcs
  • Tau
  • Astra Militarium (Imperial Guard.)

Rumor has indicated there are more forces on the way, but I’ve learned not to “believe” rumors when it comes to GW until I see it on their web site. (I do know a few people who want Eldar and Marines. Be Patient!) As usual, it’ll probably depend on how successful the game sells.

The Models are well detailed and give any modeler the chance to really sharpen their painting skills. Customizations are possible (especially for Orcs), But for the Imperials and Tau, it’ll be limited mostly to weapons options. Fighters come 4 or 6 in a box, depending on the Physical size of the models. (Imperial Thunderbolts and Ork Fighta Bommers are 4 per box, the rest so far are 6 per box) while Bombers are only 2 per box (at this time). All boxes come WITH flight stands for all aircraft in the box, so that’s a nice feature!

My Painted Stand beside a "raw" stand.
Speed dial on the left, Altitude dial on the right.

I am a little worried, as GW has announced that some fliers are now being offered through Forge World. So far, there are only 2 listed: An Orbiter and the Vulture, but I expect the Tau Remora Stealth Drone will join their ranks. Smaller/simpler models, with fewer parts, and that are too expensive to model in plastic. We’ll see how that progresses.

 As the model count for the games is typically 3-6 planes, you can usually get away with buying only 2 or 3 boxes of models, usually just to model the different types of planes you want in your force. The most expensive force could be Orcs with Dakka Jets, Fighta Bommers, Eavy Bommers and Grot Bommers, though a mixed Imperial force (Navy & Guard) could need more types.

If there’s something I don’t like about the models, it’s the instructions on how to build. Some of the pictures choose the worst possible angles to show how parts go together (or even show an obscured view so you cannot tell where they go). Also, some of the smaller parts are too small for my ham-fists. Be prepared to do lots of test fitting and keep your parts well over the table as you cut them free of the sprue.

Model Gallery:

Tau Barracuda - Work In Progress

Tau Tiger Shark - Work in Progress

Orc Fighta Bommers

Orc Dakka Jets

Imperial Navy Marauder

Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fury & Thunderbolt
(Check out the guns under the nose)

Orc Grot Bommer and 'Eavy Bommer


GW has made lots of extras available for the game.

Of course, there’s the standard custom dice for each list.

They have Boxes of cards that list all the options and aircraft statistics for each force. If you don't have the book, you can get the stats here. The cards are pre-printed on normal playing card stock and are easy to read. You get a number of cards for each type of Aircraft as well as the accessories and Pilot Skills.

You’re supposed to have one card on the board per plane, but if you play a larger game, you may not have enough cards in a single box. Also, the possibility of mixing up your expendables when used per each plane when launching rockets, bombs, etc, is a real possibility. I’ve started to use extra dice on the flight stands to show expendables so I won’t mix up which aircraft has haw many left. I would recommend only 1 box and use only 1 card for each type unless each aircraft of that type is configured differently.

Ground Objectives and Defences are already available for the Imperial Navy and Orcs (combined into 1 box set). I expect another combined box set to arrive with Tau and Imperial Guard sometime.

The box sets come with a paper hex map, but you can buy a double-sided, hard cardboard map set (same quality as most Table Game boards) . There’s one for Rynn’s World and one for Talos. These are slightly smaller than 4’ X 4’ when put together, something like 38 X 39 -2” hexes. You can get other Hex Maps elsewhere, but if you want to go to the GW stores, you’ll need a set of the GW maps.



What I Liked:

  • Easy of play.
  • Model quality (plastics – haven’t seen any from Forge World)
  • The Fluff, missions and simple Campaign rules in the Campaign books.
  • All the rules were updated in latest campaign book, may not need to carry around extra books.
  • ePub versions of the Campaign Books (with Rules) are available from Warhammer Digital a (little) cheaper for those who like to use their tablets or laptops.

 What I Didn’t Like:

  • Teeny tiny pieces on some models
  • Poor modeling instructions
  • Cost of Boxes for GW Models are over $50 each, though somewhat mollified by the fact that all models come with Flight stands.
  •  Need to buy extra HARDCOVER or ePub book to get all the rules when you buy a starter box set.

As always, I hope this article is of some help. I enjoy the game and (for the most part) the models are nice and detailed.

If you plan carefully, you don't need to spend a lot of money, but it is still going to be more expensive than some other Air Combat games that use generic models (unless you do the larger scales). I suspect it is similar in cost to X-Wing, but you need to assemble and paint the models yourself!

Have Fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

BatRep: Aeronatica Imperialis– 150pts Ork vs Ork (Bombing Mission)


So, Graham and I fought a second battle, again, Orks vs Orks.  We rolled a random mission and ended up with the “Bombing Mission”. I recorded this mission as well, but the sound and video was so bad (due to us and interruptions, not the camera), I won’t ever post it. Pictures will be of the Screen Grabs.

 Graham won the roll and decided to play defender, making me the attacker.

My mission objective was to destroy 3 objectives, each with 4 Structure Points. I would get 5VP for every Structure Point the objectives lost, and could only win if all 3 were destroyed. As well I received VPs for the standard shooting down/destroying enemy assets. I was required to take at least 1 plane with Air-To-Ground weapons (Duh!). 

I chose:

  • 4 X Fighta Bommers:
    each with 2 sets of Wing Bomms
  • Eavy Bommer:
    Also with 2 Wing Bomms, plus Extra Armor
  • Grot Bommer:
    only carrying the default 2 Grot Bomms, plus Extra Armor

Graham, playing defender had to take at LEAST 1 Ground Defence and 1 Fighter. He had to setup the 3 Objectives 9 hexes away from his deployment zone and within 3 hexes of each other. His objective, Keep me from blowing up the objectives and shoot me down! Besides VPs for my aircraft, Graham received an extra 5VP for every Structure Point remaining on the Objectives.

Graham’s forces consisted of:

  • 4 X Fighta Bommers:
    each with 2 sets of Rokkits
  • 4X Flak Platform:
    Light AA –
    lots of shots, light damage potential)
  • 2 X ‘Eavy Flak Kannon:
    Not so many shots, but easier to cause damage

I think Graham was limited by the number of Ground Defence we actually had available: He used up everything available in the accessories box that the box came with.

Graham setup everything in a single row of hexes, the bases set up 3 hexes from the next hes and a gun platform on either side, so it was a continuous like of Flak and Objectives.The 2 ‘Eavy Flak Cannons were setup on the inside edge of each outside objectives, allowing large area of coverage with the heavy weapons.

Turn 1:

So forces deployed, my bombing force moved forward at Height 2 (that would haunt me later). Grahams forces moved forward as well, however, all our aircraft were too far away to shoot at each other.


Then I realized my mistake.  By staying at Height 2, I forgot I wouldn’t be able to attack the objectives with my guns as I was too high up.  Worse, Ihad thought I would be out-of-range for his Light flak, but wasn’t. Ork Light flak is good up to Height 2 without penalty. I should have taken the Fighta Bommers in at Height 3. All I was able to do was launch a Grot Bomm from the Grott Bommer.  Then I waited for the dice rolls as the Fighta Bommers were mostly in Medium Range…


When the smoke cleared, I was lucky. Only one Fighta Bommer was hit and shot down, another was damaged.  I wouldn’t be so lucky next turn when I entered Short Range!

My Grot Bomb then moved and landed by one of the objectives. However, Autonomous Weapons have no rules for attacking ground targets!  Du-OH!!!

Turn 2:

Graham won initiative and elected to go 1st.

The ‘Eavy Bommer and Grot Bommer continued forward. This “wasted” a couple of Graham’s Fighta Bommer moves as he couldn’t “catch” my Fighta Bommers as I moved them last. So Graham’s first 2 Fighta Bommers zeroed in on my Grot Bommer who flew slightly ahead of the ‘Eavy Bommer. In the end, I think he got fixated as all the Fighta Bommers had tried to get an angle on the Grot Bommer in the end.

My Fighta Bommers‘ dove to Level 1 and then their formation split. Two over-flew the outside Objective on my left and one over-flew the middle Objective.  At Bombing height 1, not only was there no penalty, there was a bonus! I would be hitting on 4’s instead of 5’s with my bombs!

In the Shooting phase, one of Graham’s Flak Platforms tried to shoot down the damaged Fighta Bommer before he could drop bombs, but failed. The Pilot emptied his racks of all ordinance, destroying the leftmost Objective!

(At this point, I forgot that Bombs can do damage to adjacent hexes. This was another error on my part that would haunt me).

The other Fighta Bommer dropped its bombs on the ‘Eavy Flak Kannon and destroyed it as well for another 2 VPs.

One of the Flak Batteries tried to shoot down the Fighta Bommer that over-flew the Center Objective, but failed to damage the Bommer.  The Fighta Boomer dropped its payload and (JUST) destroyed the Centre Objective! 2 down, 1 to go!

For the next bit, aircraft were shooting back and forth at each other. One of Graham’s Fighta Bommers damaged my Fighta Bommer that destroyed the centre Objective, while another damaged my Grot Bommer. My Grot Bommer managed to damage one of Graham’s Fighta Bommers.

Finally, the Grot Bomm that was launched landed beside the leftmost Fighta Bommer. It successfully hit and caused 2 points of damage!

Turn 3:

I got initiative this turn and elected to move and shoot first.

 The Grot & Eavy Bomber continued to lumber forward at 3 hexes (they suffered -1 Mv due to Extra Armor). My fighta Bommers all turned back the way they came with hopes of protecting the heavy fliers, whereas Graham’s Fighta Bommers were closing in on the Heavies.

The Eavy Bomber shot down the damaged Fighta Bommer on it’s Port side and damaged another Fighta Bommer on the Starboard side!Graham’s Fighta Bommer unleashed all it’s Guns and Rokkets at the Eavy Bommer in retaliation. As usual, Graham Missed…

Graham did manage to shoot down another Fighta Bommer.

 === - ===

At this point my Camera died.  I did start it again, but the damage was done. My battery was drained from recording over 5 hours of video.


By the end of Turn 5, I lost my Eavy Bommer before it could drop its payload on the final Objective, so I was down to damaging the last objective by strafing the target.


Turn 6, all my remaining aircraft were shot down either by Flak or Fighta Bommers as all my flight paths were obvious and low (Level 1).


Graham Wins!

170 points (150 + 20(4 X 5VP for the last objective))


99 points. (40 (8 X 5VP) + 7 (1 Flak Kannon) + 52 (2 X FightaBommer with Extras)


Even if I HAD destroyed the last objective, I would have lost on points as the difference was 71 points and the change would have only been 40 (-20 for him, +20 for me)


Excellent game!


After Action Report:

Everything I did right last missing, I forgot on this mission.

  1.  I should have started at Altitude 3, not 2, and stayed there until ready to Bomb/Strafe.Almost half Graham’s attacking dice came from the 4 Flak Platforms. At Alt 3, he would need 6’s instead of 5’s t hit me. If I had started at 4, they wouldn’t have been able to hit me at all until I dove down lower!

  2. Once I realized that, I kept the Eavy & Grott Bommers at Alt 2. They took at least 1 more turn under fire that they didn’t need to. Due to their speed, it would have taken 2 turns to drop from Alt. 3 to Alt 1, but the first turn would still have required 6’s to hit with the Flak Platforms.

  3. I got Fixated on the Objectives and didn’t pay enough attention to the Ground Defenses. Over half the damage to the Heavy Bommers was caused by Ground Defenses as well as a significant amount of damage to my Fighta Bommers. My Fighta Bommers could have done extra damage when they dropped their bombs (which I completely forgot) and then I went after Graham’s Fighta Bommers instead of concentrating on the Ground Defences protecting the last Objective. Though, to be fair, all the Ground Defences had range to protect the last objective. I was so fixated on the Objectives, I only ever destroyed 1 Defence position, and only because I had no other target after 2 of my Fighta Bommer overflew an objective and the 1st plane took it out! I could have dropped a single set of wing bombes on one defence  and then dropped the other set on another defence.

The only other thing I think I would have changed was to take 2 Eavy Bommers and drop the Grott Bommer. I didn’t because I was working off a limited pre-defined squadron list that I had created and I only had 1 of each type due to point limitations. My other option would have been to replace the Grott Bommer with another loaded Fighta Bommer or possibly a Dakajet or two, all depending on how I shuffled the points.

 Another option would have been to take Rokkets instead of Wing Bombs. I took bombs as they had a better chance of hitting and damaging at low altitude, but that made my aircraft more vulnerable to Ground Defences. Rockets I could have fired at a distance and been in range of the Defences for a shorter time. Something to think about…

 For Graham’s part, I think there wasn’t much he did wrong, other than his choice of dice! He certainly surprised me by going all-out on the Ground Defences. Glad we didn’t have any more lying around! 

Graham knew to concentrate his aircraft on my Heavy Fliers once my Fighta Bommers dropped their bombs – they weren’t as big a threat anymore. He certainly played a better game than I did and it payed off. In spite of his dice!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Battle Report: Aeronautica Imperialis: Dog Fight – 150pts, Ork vs Ork

Graham and I have fought multiple battles already but due to Real Life and Covid, haven’t done (or posted) anything in quite a while. Our previous “test” battles, I did the Imperial Navy vs Graham’s Winter Orcs. (No, seriously, Graham is going for a winter camouflage to be different. It just doesn’t show well on the camera.) So, knowing he bought the latest set (Talos Air War) which includes Tau and Imperials and knowing he was planning to fight with those, I planned to use my Bad Moon’s Air Farce. 

Naturally, Graham showed up with his Orcs because his other Air Forces aren’t ready. Too bad for you!

Orc Air Forces consist of the following aircraft (at present):
  • Dakkajets:
    (Very fast, lotsa Shootas, only 2 Hull Points so very fragile)
  • Fighta Bommers:
    (More rugged (3 Hull Points), same Dakka, but a turret and option to carry bombs)
  • Eavy Bommer:
    (Flying ordinance carrier with 6 Hull Points and able to carry extra bombs and transport troops, good all-around Dakka)
  • Grot Bommer:
    (Modified 'Eavy Bommer that carries Grot-guided bomms instead of regular Bombs. Lots of forward firing dakka)

Grot Bomms are “Autonomous Weapons” and have a bunch of special rules. Basically, they’re guided missiles. Grot pilots fly the “bomms “to their target, fire their rokkits and guide the bomms to their final target.  It’s a one-way trip for the Grots, but they either don’t realize it or don’t care.

Autonomous Weapons are launched in the firing phase and move forward D3+3”. Next turn, they continue to move D3+3” and are allowed to turn 1 hex-side. If the weapon finds itself beside a target it may detonate and attack 1 target. Roll a D6 and compare the results. On a 2+, The weapon hits, a 1 is a miss and the weapon continues to fly next turn. Grot Bomms damage on a 2+ but do an extra damage point on 4+ for a maximum of 2 damage points.

Graham and I chose to do the “Dogfight” mission as a refresher (haven’t played in over 3 months). To speed things up, I recorded the battle as a video using my phone. So pictures are frame grabs from the video. I “may” link this report to a Video later.

After planning and revealing our forced, I had to chuckle; they were nearly identical:
  • 6 X Dakajets
  • 1 X Fighta Bommer
  • I took a Grot Bommer with extra Grot Bomms (4 total) and Extra Armor.

Graham took a ‘Eavy Bommer also extra Armor and extra Bombs (???). There were no ground targets but Graham setup his own “special” mission to get his bomber off the other table edge.

Both our forces setup in opposite corners. All my forces were at Altitude 2, 1 speed less than max of all panes EXCEPT the Grot Bommer which was at Speed 3 (maximum when carrying extra armor).
Graham set all his aircraft at Altitude 4, I believe. This would haunt him later as he wasn’t paying attention to me.

Turn 1:
After orders were set, I won the roll-off for initiative and chose to move (and shoot) first.

I moved my Grott Bommer first; it wouldn’t matter as it was so slow. Graham decided to “group” his Dakkajets in a single mob and move moved them all at the same time. This was a house rule that was used at a mega battle at the GW store where we had 3-4 players a side and alternating movement on a per jet basis was impractical. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get Graham to change his mind, but he was insistent that it would make no difference. So, my “Blue” flight of 3 Dakkajets was in perfect position to accelerate to maximum speed, zoom climb two levels (losing 1 speed again), and turn and hit the “pod” of Dakkajets on the flank, out of his arc of fire. He did move his Fighta Bommer to my flank, but it was a risk I had to take. My second flight (Red Flight) of 3 Dakkajets stayed at Altitude 2 as I couldn’t get into a position where I could avoid fire and still shoot. The remaining planes all moved forward, maintaining their Altitudes.

In the Firing phase, I started with my “Blue Leader” Dakkajet as it was most vulnerable to counter-attack from Graham’s Fighta Bommer. Blue 1 successfully shot down his target, only to succumb to fire from the Fighta Bommer next ,as expected. My “Blue 2” managed to damage another Dakkajet but “Blue 3” failed to damage the same plane in spite of 4 hits!

Graham had no further targets due to the difference in altitudes. My lst activation was to fire a Grot Bomm from the Grot Bommer. The Bomm managed to move to the hex directly in front of another Dakkajet.  This caused some issues as Graham wanted to shoot it, but as it had no HP, and it was a weapon, it was not a lawful target.  We found out in the FAQ later that we DID play correctly: Grot Bomms cannot be targeted as they are weapons. If I ever post the video, you’ll hear a lot of grumbling about it. The Grot Bomm managed (barely) to damage the Dakkajet as it went off.

 Turn 2:
After Orders were set, I won Initiative again and elected to move & shoot first.

I didn’t record the movement phase to save memory on the camera, but, The Grot Bommer continued on at its maximum speed of 3 and dropped to Level 1 in case Graham tried to attack it (you can only climb or dive 2 levels maximum in this game). Two of Graham’s Dakkajets dove down and attacked my Grot Bommer from the starboard side, while my Fighta Bommer came to try and intercept them. Another of Grahams Dakkajets dove down to intercept my Fighta Bommer, so it was getting kind of crowded in that neck of the woods…
Meanwhile, two of my Dakkajets (Blue 2 & 3) swung over to intercept Graham’s Eavy Bommer while my Red Flight got into a turning, climbing and diving match against Graham’s remaining Dakkajets.

In the Firing Phase, My Fighta Bommer successfully shot down one of the Dakkajets going after the Grot Bommer but the turret failed to hit the Dakkajet that was making a run on my Fighta Bommer. Graham’s remaining Dakkajet attacking the Grot Bommer took his shot, but as there was a difference of 1 level, he required 6’s to hit! As a result, the Grot Bommer got away undamaged. My Blue 2 managed to damage Graham’s Eavy Bommer, but Blue 3 missed completely. Graham’s Fighta Bommer did manage to hit and damage the Grot Bommer in spite of being at medium (that’s Long for Orcs) range. Finally, my Red Flight shared a kill shooting down another of Graham’s Dakkajets. Graham’s Eavy Bommer successfully damaged one of the Dakkajets attacking it with its port-side guns and dorsal turret.My last Dakkajet took a Medium-Range shot at the Dakkajet attacking my Fighta Bommer. It managed to successfully inflict one damage point on the already damaged flyer and down it went. My Grot Bommer activated last, launching 2 Grot Bomms and placing Guns on the Dakkajet attacking it and the Fighta Bommer at medium range in front. The Bommer failed to damage the Dakkajet, but did damage the Fighta Bommer. Then the Grot Bomms moved and one ended up beside Graham’s Fighta Bommer and exploded at maximum capacity, adding another 2 points of damage and taking Graham’s Fighta Bommer out of the sky!

Very bad turn for Graham as he lost 3 Dakajets and a Fighta Bommer in a single turn with no losses to my own forces!

In the end phase, we realized one of Graham’s Dakkajets was tailing my Fighta Bommer, so it would get an extra round of shooting at the beginning of the next turn!

Turn 3:
Graham won initiative this time! Of course, he chose to go first so he could shoot first though with only 3 aircraft remaining, I don’t think it really made any difference.

Graham got to resolve his Tailing fire before we moved, but though he hit twice, he failed to damage the Fighta Bommer!

During the Movement phase, my Grot Bommer and the Fighta Bommer sort of side-slipped together for mutual protection. Blue flight cut speed and got onto Graham’s Eavy Bommer’s tail. Graham’s damaged Dakkajet continued to pursue the Grot Bommer. My Red Flight scattered around, trying to get a bead on (but failing) Graham’s last undamaged Dakkajet.

Graham’s damaged Dakkajet took aim and fired on the Grot Bommer, but was instead shot down by the Grot Boomer.The Grot Bommer launched its last Grot Bomm as part of its firing activation. This left Graham with 25% of his air force remaining. Assuming all his aircraft survived, next turn would be the last “Disengagement” turn. In spite of having 2 Dakkajets unloading 16 dice into the back of Graham’s Eavy Bommer, the Bommer remained unscathed! The rest of the shooting was dismal and the Grot Bomms were not able to reach targets.

In the End phase, My 2 Dakkajets were found to be tailing Graham’s Eavy Bommer and Graham’s undamaged Dakkajet was tailing one of my Dakkajets. However, next turn would be last turn and the opportunity to disengage without penalty.

Turn 4 – Disengagement:

Graham won initiative!

Graham’s Dakkajet was unable to damage my Dakkajet in the Tailing Fire. I couldn’t laugh because my 2 Dakkajets with 16 shots only managed to damage the Eavy Bommer once, which Graham saved with his Extra Armor!

In the Movement phase, Graham successfully disengaged his undamaged Dakkajet! Meanwhile my Dakkajets were swarming around his Eavy Bommer which failed to get off the table by 1 Hex!!! Finally, one of my Grot Bomms managed to make it right up the Eavy Bommer’s Tailpipe!

The Eavy Bommer managed to shoot down one of my damaged Dakkajets targeting the Bommer before the Dakkajet could fire. However, the Eavy Bommer took the remaining fire from the other Dakkajets and the 2-point explosion from the Grot Bomm and ended the battle with 5 hull points lost, limping out of the Engagement Area with one Hull Point!

Well, MY Orks anyway:

Bruce:                116 VPs
Graham:              50 VPs

Pilot Debriefing:

That was a really one-sided battle!

I think what got me the victory was partly my maneuvering through Altitudes as well as hexes.  That caught Graham off-guard for the first 2 turns. The other “Big” advantage was Graham insisting on keeping his Dakkajets in one formation, regardless whatever I was doing. By doing that, I was able to flank him on one side while baiting him on the other.

Second turn and I forced Graham to breakup his formation as he got Target Fixated on my Grot Bommer. As a result of him going for my Bommer, my Dakkas and Fighta Bommer got into position and took out most of his Dakkajets. Graham just couldn’t recover from that point.

The final thing that hurt Graham (besides Dice rolls – we’ve all been there) was Graham’s insisting on arming his Eavy Bommer with Wing Bombs. The Wing Bombs were a useless expense.He could have left the bombs off and put Rokkits on his Fighta Bommer or some of his Dakkajets or even on his Eavy Bommer as they cost the same amount as his Wing Bombs.