Monday, August 3, 2020

Battle Report: Aeronautica Imperialis: Dog Fight – 150pts, Ork vs Ork

Graham and I have fought multiple battles already but due to Real Life and Covid, haven’t done (or posted) anything in quite a while. Our previous “test” battles, I did the Imperial Navy vs Graham’s Winter Orcs. (No, seriously, Graham is going for a winter camouflage to be different. It just doesn’t show well on the camera.) So, knowing he bought the latest set (Talos Air War) which includes Tau and Imperials and knowing he was planning to fight with those, I planned to use my Bad Moon’s Air Farce. 

Naturally, Graham showed up with his Orcs because his other Air Forces aren’t ready. Too bad for you!

Orc Air Forces consist of the following aircraft (at present):
  • Dakkajets:
    (Very fast, lotsa Shootas, only 2 Hull Points so very fragile)
  • Fighta Bommers:
    (More rugged (3 Hull Points), same Dakka, but a turret and option to carry bombs)
  • Eavy Bommer:
    (Flying ordinance carrier with 6 Hull Points and able to carry extra bombs and transport troops, good all-around Dakka)
  • Grot Bommer:
    (Modified 'Eavy Bommer that carries Grot-guided bomms instead of regular Bombs. Lots of forward firing dakka)

Grot Bomms are “Autonomous Weapons” and have a bunch of special rules. Basically, they’re guided missiles. Grot pilots fly the “bomms “to their target, fire their rokkits and guide the bomms to their final target.  It’s a one-way trip for the Grots, but they either don’t realize it or don’t care.

Autonomous Weapons are launched in the firing phase and move forward D3+3”. Next turn, they continue to move D3+3” and are allowed to turn 1 hex-side. If the weapon finds itself beside a target it may detonate and attack 1 target. Roll a D6 and compare the results. On a 2+, The weapon hits, a 1 is a miss and the weapon continues to fly next turn. Grot Bomms damage on a 2+ but do an extra damage point on 4+ for a maximum of 2 damage points.

Graham and I chose to do the “Dogfight” mission as a refresher (haven’t played in over 3 months). To speed things up, I recorded the battle as a video using my phone. So pictures are frame grabs from the video. I “may” link this report to a Video later.

After planning and revealing our forced, I had to chuckle; they were nearly identical:
  • 6 X Dakajets
  • 1 X Fighta Bommer
  • I took a Grot Bommer with extra Grot Bomms (4 total) and Extra Armor.

Graham took a ‘Eavy Bommer also extra Armor and extra Bombs (???). There were no ground targets but Graham setup his own “special” mission to get his bomber off the other table edge.

Both our forces setup in opposite corners. All my forces were at Altitude 2, 1 speed less than max of all panes EXCEPT the Grot Bommer which was at Speed 3 (maximum when carrying extra armor).
Graham set all his aircraft at Altitude 4, I believe. This would haunt him later as he wasn’t paying attention to me.

Turn 1:
After orders were set, I won the roll-off for initiative and chose to move (and shoot) first.

I moved my Grott Bommer first; it wouldn’t matter as it was so slow. Graham decided to “group” his Dakkajets in a single mob and move moved them all at the same time. This was a house rule that was used at a mega battle at the GW store where we had 3-4 players a side and alternating movement on a per jet basis was impractical. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get Graham to change his mind, but he was insistent that it would make no difference. So, my “Blue” flight of 3 Dakkajets was in perfect position to accelerate to maximum speed, zoom climb two levels (losing 1 speed again), and turn and hit the “pod” of Dakkajets on the flank, out of his arc of fire. He did move his Fighta Bommer to my flank, but it was a risk I had to take. My second flight (Red Flight) of 3 Dakkajets stayed at Altitude 2 as I couldn’t get into a position where I could avoid fire and still shoot. The remaining planes all moved forward, maintaining their Altitudes.

In the Firing phase, I started with my “Blue Leader” Dakkajet as it was most vulnerable to counter-attack from Graham’s Fighta Bommer. Blue 1 successfully shot down his target, only to succumb to fire from the Fighta Bommer next ,as expected. My “Blue 2” managed to damage another Dakkajet but “Blue 3” failed to damage the same plane in spite of 4 hits!

Graham had no further targets due to the difference in altitudes. My lst activation was to fire a Grot Bomm from the Grot Bommer. The Bomm managed to move to the hex directly in front of another Dakkajet.  This caused some issues as Graham wanted to shoot it, but as it had no HP, and it was a weapon, it was not a lawful target.  We found out in the FAQ later that we DID play correctly: Grot Bomms cannot be targeted as they are weapons. If I ever post the video, you’ll hear a lot of grumbling about it. The Grot Bomm managed (barely) to damage the Dakkajet as it went off.

 Turn 2:
After Orders were set, I won Initiative again and elected to move & shoot first.

I didn’t record the movement phase to save memory on the camera, but, The Grot Bommer continued on at its maximum speed of 3 and dropped to Level 1 in case Graham tried to attack it (you can only climb or dive 2 levels maximum in this game). Two of Graham’s Dakkajets dove down and attacked my Grot Bommer from the starboard side, while my Fighta Bommer came to try and intercept them. Another of Grahams Dakkajets dove down to intercept my Fighta Bommer, so it was getting kind of crowded in that neck of the woods…
Meanwhile, two of my Dakkajets (Blue 2 & 3) swung over to intercept Graham’s Eavy Bommer while my Red Flight got into a turning, climbing and diving match against Graham’s remaining Dakkajets.

In the Firing Phase, My Fighta Bommer successfully shot down one of the Dakkajets going after the Grot Bommer but the turret failed to hit the Dakkajet that was making a run on my Fighta Bommer. Graham’s remaining Dakkajet attacking the Grot Bommer took his shot, but as there was a difference of 1 level, he required 6’s to hit! As a result, the Grot Bommer got away undamaged. My Blue 2 managed to damage Graham’s Eavy Bommer, but Blue 3 missed completely. Graham’s Fighta Bommer did manage to hit and damage the Grot Bommer in spite of being at medium (that’s Long for Orcs) range. Finally, my Red Flight shared a kill shooting down another of Graham’s Dakkajets. Graham’s Eavy Bommer successfully damaged one of the Dakkajets attacking it with its port-side guns and dorsal turret.My last Dakkajet took a Medium-Range shot at the Dakkajet attacking my Fighta Bommer. It managed to successfully inflict one damage point on the already damaged flyer and down it went. My Grot Bommer activated last, launching 2 Grot Bomms and placing Guns on the Dakkajet attacking it and the Fighta Bommer at medium range in front. The Bommer failed to damage the Dakkajet, but did damage the Fighta Bommer. Then the Grot Bomms moved and one ended up beside Graham’s Fighta Bommer and exploded at maximum capacity, adding another 2 points of damage and taking Graham’s Fighta Bommer out of the sky!

Very bad turn for Graham as he lost 3 Dakajets and a Fighta Bommer in a single turn with no losses to my own forces!

In the end phase, we realized one of Graham’s Dakkajets was tailing my Fighta Bommer, so it would get an extra round of shooting at the beginning of the next turn!

Turn 3:
Graham won initiative this time! Of course, he chose to go first so he could shoot first though with only 3 aircraft remaining, I don’t think it really made any difference.

Graham got to resolve his Tailing fire before we moved, but though he hit twice, he failed to damage the Fighta Bommer!

During the Movement phase, my Grot Bommer and the Fighta Bommer sort of side-slipped together for mutual protection. Blue flight cut speed and got onto Graham’s Eavy Bommer’s tail. Graham’s damaged Dakkajet continued to pursue the Grot Bommer. My Red Flight scattered around, trying to get a bead on (but failing) Graham’s last undamaged Dakkajet.

Graham’s damaged Dakkajet took aim and fired on the Grot Bommer, but was instead shot down by the Grot Boomer.The Grot Bommer launched its last Grot Bomm as part of its firing activation. This left Graham with 25% of his air force remaining. Assuming all his aircraft survived, next turn would be the last “Disengagement” turn. In spite of having 2 Dakkajets unloading 16 dice into the back of Graham’s Eavy Bommer, the Bommer remained unscathed! The rest of the shooting was dismal and the Grot Bomms were not able to reach targets.

In the End phase, My 2 Dakkajets were found to be tailing Graham’s Eavy Bommer and Graham’s undamaged Dakkajet was tailing one of my Dakkajets. However, next turn would be last turn and the opportunity to disengage without penalty.

Turn 4 – Disengagement:

Graham won initiative!

Graham’s Dakkajet was unable to damage my Dakkajet in the Tailing Fire. I couldn’t laugh because my 2 Dakkajets with 16 shots only managed to damage the Eavy Bommer once, which Graham saved with his Extra Armor!

In the Movement phase, Graham successfully disengaged his undamaged Dakkajet! Meanwhile my Dakkajets were swarming around his Eavy Bommer which failed to get off the table by 1 Hex!!! Finally, one of my Grot Bomms managed to make it right up the Eavy Bommer’s Tailpipe!

The Eavy Bommer managed to shoot down one of my damaged Dakkajets targeting the Bommer before the Dakkajet could fire. However, the Eavy Bommer took the remaining fire from the other Dakkajets and the 2-point explosion from the Grot Bomm and ended the battle with 5 hull points lost, limping out of the Engagement Area with one Hull Point!

Well, MY Orks anyway:

Bruce:                116 VPs
Graham:              50 VPs

Pilot Debriefing:

That was a really one-sided battle!

I think what got me the victory was partly my maneuvering through Altitudes as well as hexes.  That caught Graham off-guard for the first 2 turns. The other “Big” advantage was Graham insisting on keeping his Dakkajets in one formation, regardless whatever I was doing. By doing that, I was able to flank him on one side while baiting him on the other.

Second turn and I forced Graham to breakup his formation as he got Target Fixated on my Grot Bommer. As a result of him going for my Bommer, my Dakkas and Fighta Bommer got into position and took out most of his Dakkajets. Graham just couldn’t recover from that point.

The final thing that hurt Graham (besides Dice rolls – we’ve all been there) was Graham’s insisting on arming his Eavy Bommer with Wing Bombs. The Wing Bombs were a useless expense.He could have left the bombs off and put Rokkits on his Fighta Bommer or some of his Dakkajets or even on his Eavy Bommer as they cost the same amount as his Wing Bombs.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aeronautica Imperialis Campaign Day!

Our local GW store hosted an Aeronautica Imperialis campaign day. I showed up with my Imperial Navy – everything I had assembled:
  • 2 X Marauder Destroyers
  • 2 X Marauder Bombers
  • 2 X Thunderbolt Furies with IR Targeting
  • 4 X Thunderbolt Fighters with IR Targeting.

Only 4 of us showed up at first, a 5th Imperial player showed up ½ way through the day. Unfortunately, we were 4 Imperial Squadrons and only 1 Ork Squadron. So we ended up playing in teams: 2 Imperial squadrons (myself included) versus the rest.

Mission 1: The Straggler (100pt Squadron) vs Imperials
My Deployment: 1 Destroyer (reduced to Max speed 3), 2 X Furies & 1 Thunderbolt

3 Thunderbolts & 1 Fury

Turn 1:
One of my Thunderbolts shot down an enemy Thunderbolt before taking damage along with one of my  Furies.

Turn 2:
My Furies shot down 1 Thunderbolt and badly damaged another, enemy down 2 fighters! However, I lost my Thunderbolt who made the first kill previous turn.
After Move

After Shooting

Turn 3:
My Destroyer took damage, but both of my Furies inflicted damage on the remaining Thunderbolts.

Turn 4:
Shot down 1 Thunderbolt while my other Fury got into “Tailing” position on the other enemy fighter.

Turn 5:
Shot down last Thunderbolt with Tailing fire before the Movement Phase!

Complete victory – no enemy survivors!

Mission 2: Dogfight with Night rules (100pt Squadrons) vs Imperials
My 2 X Furies & 2 X Thunderbolts all with IR Targeting
3 Thunderbolts & 1 Fury all with IR Targeting. Thunderbolts have a Skystrike Missiles
(Basically, this restricted all fire to Short & Medium ranges. IR Targeting took care of any other penalties!)

Turn 1:
Both squadrons basically charged head-on, all his at Alt Band 4, mine at Band 5, EXCEPT my last Thunderbolt dropped to Level 4 as he was out of all other firing arcs. This meant everyone was hitting on 6’s except my 1 Thunderbolt hitting on 5 & 6!
One of my Furies took hits from 2 different fighters while I got damage on his Fury and one Thunderbolt.

Turn 2:
I shot down one of his Thunderbolts.

Turn 3:
After everyone running evasive maneuvers, no one succeeded in damaged anyone.

Turn 4:
My two Thunderbolts got good positions and damaged one Thunderbolt while shooting down another.

Turn 5:
Remaining 2 enemy Thunderbolts disengaged and left the Area of Engagement.

Complete Victory – No Enemy survivors!

Mission 3: “Air Raid Supply Base Castor” vs Imperials (150pts)
2 “bunkers”, each with 4 Structure points, set up within 3 hexes of each other in the center of the board. The buildings are the entrances to underground ammo depots.
Once the “Doors” were destroyed, any extra damage required a 6 to cause the ammo bunker to explode.

Attacker splits force in 2 and enters from both “short” ends.
(We missed this – I let him come in from 1 side only.)
Defender starts off the board and comes in during turn 1 from either “long” edge.
(I think the difference on the map’s long and short edge was 1 hex…)

  • Attacker may have only Fighters and/or Bombers
  • Defenders may only have Fighters and/or Ground Defenses
  • Ground Defenses may be set up within 3 hexes of the bunkers

Attacker wins by destroying both ammo bunkers. 1 Bunker destroyed is a Draw. No bunkers destroyed is a Defender Win.

I lost the roll-off and was made to defend

My 2 X Furies, 3 X Thunderbolts, 3 X Hydra Flak Batteries & 1 X Manticore Missile Battery
2 Destroyers with Extra Bombs, 2 Thunderbolts with Bombs & 2 Thunderbolts with Skystrike Missiles

Turn 1:
I shot down 1 Destroyer and damaged another Thunderbolt while the enemy damaged 1 Bunker, dropping it down to 1 Structure Point!
After Move

After Shooting

Turn 2:
I managed to successfully shoot down the last Destroyer but lost 1 Fury and 1 Thunderbolt!
Both bunker doors blasted open, but my opponent was unable to damage the underground stores.

Turn 3:
Shot down a Thunderbolt, but my last Fury took damage as well.
Again – lots of shots and damage to the bunkers, but still failed to roll a single 6 to blow up either!

Turn 4:
My Thunderbolt shot down a Thunderbolt and the combined Flak & Missiles finally brought down another!

Again – my opponent failed to roll a 6 on multiple hits!

The store manage called the game at this point.

Technically, I won as neither Ammo Dump was destroyed, but honestly, my opponent was ROBBED! He had over a half dozen shots to roll a 6 once the bunker doors were destroyed, but just couldn’t get one 6! I Lucked Out!!!

Final Group Mission: Giant Dogfight!
So, the teams were multiplayer, my team partner and I vs 2 Imperial and 1 Ork Squadron. I “THINK” base squadron was 200 points, each. Plus, the Organizer was rewarding extra points based on victories to buy uprades and extra aircraft. Also, extra points could be spent on buying extra re-rolls (3 points each for a single reroll of 1 dice).

It didn’t help. I was awarded something like 120 extra points. By the time I maxed out THE ENTIRE Squadron (All my aircraft had IR Targeting and Armored Cockpits, plus Maximum loads of Skystrike Missiles), I still had enough points to buy 26 Rerolls!

Map was setup 2 sets of the Ryan World Maps, giving us an Area of Engagement of something like 6’ X 3’. Both teams setup was up to the 1st crease in the boards from the narrow ends.

While is was entertaining, we adlibbed some house rules on the fly to try to make things go more quickly.

  • Instead of orders per aircraft, orders per “Flight”. (Usually 3 fighters or 2 bombers)
  • Firing by Flights, though individual craft were targeted.
  • Breaking up the Shooting phase into Zones – allowed us to get multiple combats going at once (As long as you weren’t fighting across zones.)

We ended the game after about 4 turns due to time.

Post evaluation:
First of all, we all had fun. No issues with the missions for the most part except for the Mega-Battle at the end. We all agreed; too many aircraft and it was 1 mission too many for a shortened day of gaming (ran from Approximately 10:30am through 5:30pm). If we could have started sooner and /or run later, it would have been better for the Mega Battle

I suggested if you wanted to have a mega-battle like that, hold it a separate day so that more people could join in the fun after watching battles the previous day. Either that or drop from 3 regular Missions down to 2 Missions.

Everyone agreed it would have been better to reduce the amount of points per player to reduce aircraft. Also, entering in the Long edges allowed to engage each other sooner and allow for more maneuvering.

Anyway, we all had fun! The Manager/Organizer got a chance to test some missions and see what worked for a Campaign and received input from the players as to what they liked and what they didn’t!

Now I need to start on some Orks so there’s more variety next time!

Monday, February 26, 2018

BatRep: 1500pts, Space Wolves vs Deathwatch – Escalation League

So real life (especially work) really kept me busy this month. I was only JUST able to get 1 game in with Graham again.

This month, points were 1500. I was pretty happy overall with how my last list did.  I decided to “boost” it just a bit rather than a completely different list.
  • Wolf Lord with Frost Sword and Storm shield, Saga of the Warrior Born
  • Rune Priest with Runic Psychic Hood, Plasma Pistoland Runic Axe
  • 12 Blood Claws with Wolf Guard Pack Leader – Leader had Frost Sword and Bolt Pistol, 1 Blood Claw with Flame Thrower and all others with Bolt Pistol & Chain Swords
  • 10 Grey Hunters with 2 Plasma Guns, all others with Bolters, Bolt Pistols & Chain Swords except the Pack Leader having a Power Sword
  • 6 Grey Hunters (Mounted in Razorback) with 1 plasma Pistol, the rest with Bolt Pistols. All have Bolters and Chain Swords. Razorback had Lascannon & Twin-linked Plasma Guns.
  • 5 Long Fangs (Mounted in Razorback) with 1 Lascannon, 1 Heavy Bolter, 2 Missile Launchers and the Pack Leader with Bolt Gun and Chain Sword. Razorback had Lascannon & Twin-linked Plasma Guns.
  • Predator Tank with Twin Link Lascannon in turret and 2 Lascannons in side sponsons.
  • Stormwolf with 2 Lascannons, 2 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters and Twin-Linked Helfrost Canon.

Space Wolf Deployment 

Graham’s Deathwatch list had changed quite a bit.  Going from memory:
  • Captain in Terminator Armour with Lightning Claw and Storm Bolter
  • 2 Librarians in Terminator Armour.
  • 5 Terminators with 2 Assault Cannons, a Cyclone Launcher and 2 Storm Bolters, all with Power Fists (I think).
  • 6 (?) Deathwatch (Mounted in Razorback) in standard marine armour, with mixed weapons: Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, Siege Shield with Power Maul, Flak Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Power Sword and Bolter. Razorback had Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter & Storm Bolter.
  • 6(?) Deathwatch (Mounted in Razorback) in Standard Marine Armour, this time mostly heavy weapons: 2 X Heavy Bolters, 2 X Missile Launchers, some sort of Sniper rifle with Helfire rounds(?). The Razorback had twin-linked Lascannons, a Storm Bolter and a Hunter-Killer Missile.
  • Venerable Dreadnought (Sorry, completely forgot what weapons) (It didn’t last very long…)  😁

Deathwatch Deployment

We rolled the Mission Sealed Orders
Both sides draw 5 Tactical Mission cards but keep them secret until they complete the missions. A command Point can be spent at the end of a player’s turn to discard up to 3 Tactic Cards. Once all the Tactic Cards are gone, player will load up another 5. If necessary, they then load up 4, etc…
Victory Points awarded based on the cards’ objectives/point value. As well, the standard 3 Objectives: Slay the Warload, First Blood and Line Breaker.

Alternating deployment, from my left to right: deployed the 10 Man Grey Hunters on the Landing Platform, with the 6 Man Grey Hunters held off-board using the Wolf Stratagem: Cunning of the Wolf, but their Razorback was deployed on the ground behind the platform, covering an objective. The Stormwolf deployed in the left corner with the Blood Claws, Wolf Lord and Rune Priest on board. The Long Fangs deployed in a Ruin in the center of the Wolf deployment zone, their Razorback beside them on the left. Finally, the Predator deployed on the right side, partially obscured by a . . not sure what it was.

Graham deployed the Death Watch Dreadnought behind a (large) imperial Statue, then both Razorbacks, with their squads mounted inside, behind a ruin closer to the center of their zone with the Captain and 1 Librarian. The rest of the terminators stayed off board, waiting to teleport.

Space Wolves won first turn.

Turn 1:
Space Wolves:
Stormwolf stayed Supersonic and moved more or less straight towards the enemy deployment zone, drawing Line-of-Sight to the Dreadnought. Both Razorbacks moved forward on the left while the Grey Hunters on the platform stood still (there was a reason). The Predator moved to hide behind the ruin the Long Fangs had hid.

Psychic phase was short; the Rune Priest was inside the Stormwolf, so wasn’t able to do anything.

Shooting phase and the Stormwolf unloaded Lascannons and Helfrost at full power onto the Dreadnought. It was enough to destroy the Dreadnought in 1 volley. The Heavy Bolters did 2 points damage to the Razorback with Heavy Bolters. No other shots were possible.

Stormwolf Attack with Razorback Support

First Blood: 1VP
Supremacy: 1VP
Secure Objective 1: 1VP (those Grey Hunters were guarding it!)


Both Razorbacks dismount their squads. The Razorbacks both move forward, the Lasercannon hiding behind a Cargo Container, the Bolter behind a central ruin. Both Squads also moved forward, the 1st squad towards an objective within a crater on the Space Wolves left, the 2nd Squad in a line abrest formation, pointing towards the Stormwolf. In fact, pretty much everything pointed towards the Stormwolf. The Terminator Librarian moved ahead of the 1st Squad (he wanted to get in range to cast Smite on the Stormwolf) while the Captain climbed to the 2nd floor of the ruin. Finally, the Terminators (with the 2nd Librarian) teleported to the right of the central ruin, drawing Line-of-Sight to the Long Fangs.

Deathwatch Advance Into The Fray

In the Psychic phase, the first Librarian cast Smite on the Stormwolf, inflicting 1 wound, then Veil of Time on the 1st Squad. The 2nd Librarian cast Smite on the Long Fangs, killing 2.

Librarian Smites the Long Fangs

Good thing the Psychic phase did some damage, because Graham maintained tradition and failed to inflict a single wound in spite of all the shooting from his army!

Completed: Secure Objective: 1VP
Area Denial: 1VP


Turn 2:
Space Wolves:
So, the Stormwolf started the turn by going into “Hover” mode, unloading all its Passengers! (Don’t think Graham expected to see that many Blood Claws! He couldn’t pick out the Rune Priest or Wolf Lord until I pointed them out!) The Stormwolf slid over to the back of the Deathwatch deployment zone. The Blodd Claws and HQ moved forward towards Objective 3, in the Crater. One Razorback moved forward for a better angle while the other stayed still to shoot at the approaching Terminator threat. The last Grey Hunter pack came on the table behind the ruin containing the Long Fangs in order to help protect the flank, if necessary, and Objective 6. The 10-man pack moved forward and to the wall of the Platform, hoping for a shot or two.

The Stormwolf Unloads Its Cargo!

The rest of the Great Company Prepare

In the Psychic phase, the Rune Priest cast smite on the Librarian as it was the closest model to him and inflicted 1 wound! Then the Rune Priest got greedy and cast Jaws of the World Wolf, but rolled Double-1, inflicting a wound on himself and killing a Blood Claw who stood too close!

Shooting phase, the Blood Claws shot their pistols at the Librarian and inflicted 2 wounds while the Long Fangs killed the Terminator with the Cyclone Launcher!

In the Assault Phase, the Blood Claws charged and killed the Librarian, then consolidated into the crater (and onto Objective 3).

Blood Claws Capture Objective 3 
After Defeating the Librarian

Blood & Guts: 1VP.
Defend Objective 5: 2VP
Secure Objective 3: 1VP

(I made an error here.  If I could have gotten rid of my last card (which I wouldn’t ever be able to complete) for 1 Command Point, then drawn 5 new cards at the beginning of my next turn. I missed that and so wasted a turn, waiting until I could dump a card at the end of turn 3!)


I didn’t record that the Deathwatch moved anything this turn. However, the Captain and Squad 1 MUST have moved towards the Blood Claws hiding in the crater.

Well, the remaining Librarian failed to cast Smite, so that was the end of the Psychic phase.

Squad 1 open fired on the Blood Claws, but because of the cover of the crater (and some dismal rolling on Graham’s part), only the Frag Cannon was able to inflict any wounds; it killed 3 Blood Claws. The Captain failed to wound the Blood Claws as well. However, just about everyone else made up for it. A Razorback, a Long Fang and 6 more Blood Claws were killed in the rest of the firing phase.

The Deathwatch Squad 1 charged the remaining Blood Claws. Armed with only pistols (and terrible aim), the Blood Claws failed to cause any wounds before they were engaged.  The Wolf Lord and Rune Priest were both just a little too far away to do “Heroic Intervention", so couldn't join in the fight. With the Blood Claws engaged, the Deathwatch Captain also charged in without having to worry about Overwatch. Squad 1 killed 1 Blood Claw while the Captain killed only one more (11 Blood Claws dead in 1 Turn!). The 1 Blood Claw and the Blood Claw Pack Leader, plus the Wolf Guard Pack Leader failed to inflict any wounds.

In spite of the Wolf Lord’s presence, the Blood Claw Survivors were all lost to Morale Test at the end of the turn.

The Blood Claws are wiped out!

Psychological Warfare: 1VP


Turn 3:

Due to the amount of talking and bemoaning and just plain chewing the fat with other gamers, we realized we had to end the game after Turn 3, simply because the store was closing soon and we still had to pack up. Normally, this is a 5-7 Random Mission length game.

Space Wolves:
Probably silly, but I left the Stormwolf in Hover Mode and slid sideways a bit for a better angle. The Grey Hunters on the Platform moved forward and to the rails to see if they could help at all. The other Grey Hunters stood still – waiting to see if they were needed (actually, nowhere to put them where they might be useful). The Wolf Lord and Rune Priest moved forward towards the Terminator Captain and Squad 1.

Rune Priest Miscast Smite, ending the Psychic Phase.

Predator opens up with all laser cannons and in spite of 2 wounding hits with Lascannons, only manages to kill 1 terminator (rolled a 1 for the first shot and the second shot was over-kill for a wounded terminator). Long Fang took out a 2nd Terminator. The Grey Hunters on the platform were all within long range to squad 1 and after the smoke had cleared, there was no Squad 1! The remaining Razorback fired on the Heavy Bolter Razorback, but failed to damage it. The Stormwolf did better, inflicting 4 wounds to the same Razorback.

In the Charge Phase, the Wolf Lord and Rune Priest both charged the Terminator Captain and managed to inflict 2 wounds. The Captain put a second wound on the Rune Priest.
In the end Phase, I dumped the last Tactic Card for 1 Command Point (This assumed we “might” make another quick turn, but that failed to happen).

Rune Priest & Wolf Lord Attack The Deathwatch Captain!

Completed: Nothing.


Both Razorbacks moved, 1 to hide from the Wolf’s Razorback, the other to get Line-of-Sight on the Stormwolf. Squad 2 stood still so they could shoot at the Stormwolf without penalty. Finally, the Terminator Captain recalled the remaining Terminators to his side (1 Term with Assault Cannon, and 1 Librarian), ready to charge into Close combat and help him. Maybe.

The Librarian cast Smite on the Stormwolf, inflicting 6 wounds! However, he failed to cast Might of Heroes.

The Assault Cannon on the other Terminator let loose and shot down the Stormwolf finally! However, the cheer was cut short as it exploded and both terminators were within 6”! The Assault Cannon Terminator took 1 wound, but the Librarian took 5, killing him instantly!

Death of the Stormwolf (and the Librarian)!

For whatever reason, Graham didn’t charge the last Terminator into combat to help his Captain. As Graham cackled with anticipation, I reminded him my Wolf Lord’s Saga allowed him to always strike 1st! 4 attacks, 3 Hits, needing 3s to wound and I rolled 1s and 2s… Graham was relieved then devoted all his attacks onto the Rune Priest, killing him finally.

Death of the Rune Priest

Kill the Witch: 1VP

We checked the clock, not enough for another turn. Game over.


Space Wolves: 7VP
Deathwatch: 4VP
(He said 5, but I don’t know from what.)

Space Wolf Victory!


Miracle: My Wolf Lord Survived his first game!

Good Battle! I think Graham was robbed by not getting the Tactical cards he wanted or needed. My first hand I only had 1 card  out of the 6 that I couldn't complete and 1 card was D3 points (of course, I rolled a 1) and another worth 2 points. Graham was stuck holding 2 cards from his original hand and if I recorded it correctly, he only had single-point cards that he "cashed" out. I believe if we could have continued another 2 turns, Graham probably could have caught up and possibly won. He just needed more time to get better Tactical Cards.

The Deathwatch's two Squads with Razorbacks gave him the extra fire-power and speed he really was lacking before. I think it was a much better force than last time.

On the Wolf's side, I like the extra fire-power of the full 10-man Grey Hunters, especially with 2 Plasma Rifles in the squad. The Larger Blood Claw pack also made a difference, Harder to kill off and it could take hits and still be useful. Dropping out of the Stormwolf made them more dangerous as they can be dropped off more closely so that I was almost guaranteed a successful charge.

I did misplace the 6-man Grey Hunters. I was afraid the Long Fangs were going to be destroyed in turn 2.As a result, they had no place in the battle. The Predator didn't do too much, but as a threat on my right flank, it did its job.

The question is what do I do for a 2000pt list next month/week...