Monday, January 28, 2013

BatRep: Empire of the Blazing Sun vs Kingdom of Britannia – Box Sets (~700pts)

So we are having a Dystopian Wars Games Day at Legiocon ( in 2 weeks in Winnipeg (Canada).  I’m trying to get more familiar with my fleets and haven’t used the British in ages.  As will be shown in the battle report…

Thurston was also ready for a scrap with his Empire of the Blazing Sun.  We’ve been playing 1000-1200 points lately so downgrading was going to be interesting.  Amazing how much a difference 300 points makes!

So the Kingdom of Britannia Box set (KoB) vs the Empire of the Blazing Sun (EoBS).  Should be interesting.

Empire of the Blazing Suns added Incendiary Rounds to the cruisers and a Shield to the Battleship.
Kingdom of Britannia added a Shield Generator to the Battleship, Expert Engineers to the Cruisers, but kept all turrets on the Cruisers rather than sub out for a Shield Generator.

There was an island in each quadrant so there was lots of cover on a 4 X 4 table.


British deployment, left to right:
Frigates on the outside of the left-most island, Bombers with Fighters hiding behind the island, then in the channel between the islands there was another Frigate Squadron, the Cruisers and finally the last Frigate squadron.  The Battleship hid behind the island with a squadron of fighters ready to provide CAP, if need be.

Japanese Deployment from the British Left to right:
Frigates also on the outside of their leftmost island, two squadrons of Fighters, then Frigates just on the inside of the island.  The Cruisers, Frigates and Battleship were all clumped together at the inner edge of the Right-Side Island, angled to go to the left.  Bombers hid behind the island, ready to overfly.

After we rolled for missions objectives, we both decided to go back to default: 70% of fleet points (about on the 490 points).

Pre-Turn Shenanigans!

So, using the Card deck turned out to be an exercise in frustration.  After simultaneously revealing cards, KoB played “Broken Code” and threw away “Bulls Eye” & “Thunderous Volley” from the EOBS card hand.  However EoBS had played “Tactical Aid” and drew two more cards, getting replacements for their lost 2 cards.

KoB wins the Initiative

Turn 1!
So, British bomber squadron started things off, flew over the island on the left, lined up and fired a salvo of torpedoes at a Japanese Cruiser, scoring a Hit at Range Band 4!  The EoBS Cruisers sallied forth and fired upon the bombers for revenge with their rockets, but the Bombers AA crews managed to shoot down 8 rockets in an amazing display of Marksmanship!  No damage to the Bombers!  The KoB Central Frigate Squadron moved forward and turned to present their Port Torpedo Tubes towards the damaged Cruiser, launching another Salvo, but failed to damage the Cruiser.

Countering, the Right EoBS Frigates poured out from their deployment zone and engaged the exposed KoB Frigate Squadron, sinking 1 and damaging another!  First Blood to the Empire!  Fortunately, the Frigates passed their Break Test.  The British sent out another Frigate squadron and manage to damage 2 of the Japanese Frigates. 

Japanese bombers flew out from behind the right Island and fired their rockets at the British Battleship.  Once more, astounding AA gunnery stopped the worst of the rockets, preventing any damage.  The KoB Battleship played “Stoke the Engines”, and sallied out from behind the island, turned her broadsides and turrets towards the Frigates and Cruisers.  Failing to damage the Cruisers, the Battleship did sink a damaged Frigate and damaged 1 more.  The EoBS Battleship sailed forth and fired rockets at the Battleship and turrets at the Frigates.  While it failed damage the Battleship, it succeeded in damaging 1 Frigate. 

Worried about the bombers heading toward their Battleship, the British sent 1 squadron of Fighters to act as CAP for the Battleship.  Japanese sent a squadron of Fighters to the center of the table – ready to go either direction as they saw fit.  As a defensive measure, the British sent a second Fighter Squadron behind the British Bombers.  Japanese Fighters cruised toward the British bombers as well.

British Cruisers sallied out and managed to sink the 2 remaining Japanese Frigates from the Center Squadron.  The Japanese finally sent out their Center Frigate Squadron and fired on the Frigates but failed to damage any.  This left the last two Frigate Squadrons on the far left of the islands.  The British had to move first and moved attack the Center Frigate Squadron, but only managed to damage 1.  The Last Japanese Frigates played Stoke the Engines and crossed the table, sinking 2 Frigates and damaging the last (who managed to pass his Break test).

Turn 2

The Card Battles continued and we played the same cards again – in reverse!
EoBS: Played “Break Code” and tossed out 2 “Fire Fighter” cards in my hand (DANG!  I probably was going to need those!).  However:
KoB: Played Tactical Aid and picked up 2 more cards!

EoBS wins Initiative!

The Japanese fighters closest to the bombers attacked the British Bombers.  Fortunately, the British AA shot down 1 token and drove off the Fighters before they could attack!  The British bombers advanced their minimum move and launched another Torpedo Attack on the damaged cruiser, but missed.  The Bombers AA shot down another 3 Fighter tokens though, leaving just 1 fighter token in the flight!  The Bomber AA crew will be up for Commendations!!! 

The Japanese Bombers went next, played “Furious Assault” and attempted to board 2 of the British Frigates, capturing 1 and taking out 1 AP on the other.  One bomber then successfully climbed into the clouds.  The remaining Frigates of the Squadron fired on the bombers, successfully damaging 1, and sank a nearby Japanese Frigate with turrets.  The Japanese Frigates on the left caused a Critical Hit (Crit) on a Bomber (Systems), then successfully captured the lone British Frigate.  The British Frigates in the center tried to turn and engage the Frigates, but one was unable to make the turn and stopped short before ramming a British Cruiser.  The Japanese center Frigates advanced and fired in all directions, but failed to hit Cruisers, Frigates or Bombers!

In a moment of Inspired Stupidity, the British Cruisers move forward and catch the Japanese Frigates in the perfect Broadside positions!  Except I forgot the Cruisers don’t have Broadsides!!!  :-O  Fortunately, I DID take a 2nd Turret rather than Shield Generators, so the rear turrets successfully sank both Frigates.  The front turrets failed to hit the Cruisers.  The Japanese Cruisers, in a flashy display of Synchronized Sailing made an incredibly stylish and tight turn, then got a Crit on the other Bomber (Nav Lock) and sank a frigate – leaving the last frigate to fail its Break Test.

British fighters attempt to shoot down some bombers but instead loose 2 of their own.  The Japanese put another point of damage on the British bombers, losing one of their fighters as well. 

At this point, we were running low on time, so we only activated our Battleships.  The British battleship managed to damage 1 bomber with its broadsides, damaged a Cruiser with its Turrets, but the torpedoes missed.  The Japanese Battleship fired rockets and turrets.  The rockets missed but the Turrets did a Double Crit on a Cruiser.  One crit was the dreaded “Magazine Explosion” – damaging another Cruiser that was nearby.  

(Thurston went a little crazy at this point but deserved the moment.  First game I had against his EoBS fleet, I had caused him to loose a couple of ships with Magazine Explosions.  He was Vindicated!)

End Score:
Kingdom of Britannia:              210 pts
Empire of the Blazing Sun:       350 pts

Japanese Victory!

Well – that didn’t go well!!!

My Primary fleets for Dystopian are Prussian and Russian.  I inherited the Britannia fleet when a friend moved away and really haven’t used it much.  All 3 fleets play very differently and my lack of experience with the Britannia really hampered their effectiveness.

For the British: I had a plan.  Honest!  I DID!!!  I knew my torpedoes were best at Range Band 2 (8” – 16”) and that the closer I got, the less effective the EoBS rockets would be and the better it “should” be for me!  I had intended to go forward and “Cross the T”, letting the Cruisers shoot both their Turrets (front & back) and wreck havoc everywhere.  Instead, I got into a traffic jam, which kept the Rear Turrets out of the fight for most the game. 

Worse, I forgot my ships capabilities.  It was DUMB that I forgot the Cruisers had no broadside weapons.  Looking at the photos, I don’t think I should have sunk the 2 Frigates in the “Broadsides” – I probably should have had a penalty (we forgot in the heat of the moment) and fired ½ the dice.  Both Japanese Frigates probably would have survived.  (Shame, shame, shame!)

I also underestimated the Boarding Capabilities of the Japanese.  In hind-sight, I should have held the Frigates back, not left them so vulnerable to Boarding.  I had planned to recapture the one frigate taken as a prize but we discovered the Japanese Bombers were too close and would have provided AA support if I had attempted to recapture the prize.  With as few Boarding Parties as I could have used, the risk was too high to attempt.

On the Japanese side, I can’t find fault.  He knew what his fleet was good at and he played it to its strengths.  I may have damaged a Cruiser early on and had a couple of minor victories during the game but my opponent shrugged it all off, came at me with a plan and never looked back!  I have no doubt that if we played another turn, the Empire of the Blazing Sun would have had total Victory.  

Well earned Win, Thurston!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

BatRep: Infinity Training Mission (PanO vs PanO)

Infinity:  150 Point Training Mission (PanO)

So, we blew the dust off the figures as something unusual to do (I can’t remember the last time we played Infinity – I still haven’t finished the figures).  This was one of those cases where 2 people played and a 3rd stood by with the rule book – so if we did something wrong – ya know WHY!  ;)

Both teams were set up as 150 point teams.  I was using a “Standard” Pan Oceania force:
-          4 Fusiliers (Standard with Combi Rifles)
-          1 Bagh-Mari (Combi Rifle & Light Shotgun)
-          2 Orc Troops (1 Lieutenant with Multi Rifle, 1 HMG (Heavy Machine Gun))

Mike was using the Knightly Orders from the “Human Sphere” book:
-          3 Order Sergeants
-          1 Specialist Sergeant with Sniper Multi Rifle
-          1 Magister Knight with Panzerfaust
-          1 Teutonic Knight

Terrain was set up by a “disinterested” spectator.  The primary Mission was to get to an Objective Crate hidden inside a church, then do a WIP (Will-Power) roll.  If the WIP passed, it’s successfully opened.  If failed – a booby-trap goes off!  Unfortunately, we didn’t define anything further.  This would haunt us later…
My Deployment Zone
Their Deployment Zone

Mike would deploy his Knightly Order 1st and take 1st turn.

Turn 1

I forgot to take a photo of Mike’s deployment, but I had deployed a Fusilier and the Orc HMG in a ruin to the left of the church.  The Bagh-Mari hid behind another ruin to the left of the church and 2 more Fusiliers hid behind crates near the front of the Church.  The last Fusilier and the Orc Lt. hid in a building ruin to the right of the church.

Mike’s Sniper would run out to a ruin to my left of the Church.  The Orc HMG & Fusilier both used Automatic Reaction Orders (ARO) against the move and fired at the sniper – both missing.  The Sniper then fired at the Orc as the 2nd half of the order, successfully wounding the Orc. 

On the Right side of the Church, another order was used to move the Magister Knight forward to a ruin.  The Fusilier spotted the movement through a window and reacted with a shot, but missed.  Fortunately, the Magister Knight missed his shot with the Panzerfaust at the Fusilier!

Mike then Combined Orders and Moved 3 models on the left side of the church again.  The Orc HMG, the Fusilier and the Bagh-Mari all spotted and reacted to the movement, firing off a shot each, successfully killing 1 Order Sergeant, but the Bagh-Mari and Orc HMG were killed by return fire in the 2nd half of the order by the Sniper and the other Sergeant.

My turn finally and I’d already lost 2 models and, more importantly, 2 Orders!!!

The 2 Fusiliers in the center advanced full move to the Church’s front door – peaking around the door jams from each side.  The Fusilier in cover on the left of the church fired a burst at the Sniper, but was forced to duck prone when the Reaction Fire hit, but was saved by the Fusilier’s Armor.  I used the second half of the order to stand back up.  (We weren’t sure about this but didn’t find the proper reference at the time.  Mike said go ahead and stand up).  Using another order, the same Fusilier fired another burst at the Sniper.  This time, the Sniper found a weakness in the armor and took out the Fusilier.  Moral of the story?  Don’t try to do Face-To-Face attacks against a Sniper!

On the right of the Church, the Fusilier used an Order to shoot at the Magister Knight, but he successfully rolled a dodge reaction and ducked behind cover and out-of-sight.

It’s not a good day for the “Regulars”.  How do we deal with these “Religious Fanatics”?

Turn 2

An Order Sergeant runs out of cover on to the ruins farther to the right side of the Church.  In spite of a Reaction Shot from the Fusilier, the Sergeant made it without too much difficulty.  Mike then did a Combined Order, moving the same Sergeant and the Magister Knight to different corners so they had a shot at the Fusilier.  The Fusilier, realizing he’s probably going to get hit, ducked back successfully out of Line-Of-Sight to both, but still kept an open fire lane to the right side of the Church.

On the other side of the Church, the Teutonic Knight made it to the Church’s Windows on the Left side.  A Fusilier in the doorway spotted him in the window and took a Reaction shot, successfully hitting the knight.  Fortunately for Mike, the Knight made a successful Armor Save.  The knight shot back at the Fusilier, but the Fusilier also successfully did an armor save!

My turn, but I’m already hurting for choices.

My Orc fired a burst at the Magister Knight, but the Magister Knight successfully dodged out of sight behind the Church. 

It’s desperation time!  The 2 Fusiliers at the Church Door do a Combined Order and run for the box in the middle of the Church!  Both the Sniper and the Teutonic Knights ARO shots at the Fusiliers, but only 1 hits!  The other reaches the crate, and successfully passes his Will Power roll – opening the crate and successfully gets the Base Commander’s Liquor Cabinet Combination!  Game Won!
Fusilier gets to Objective!
(Ignore the fig on the balcony - it's not really there!)


Well, not really.  As I said, we never did define what we would do once we got to the objective.  In reality, I would need to get that Fusilier out of the Church and that wasn’t very likely… 
As it was, the army’s “Break Point” was  90pts.  With the death of the Fusilier going for the Objective, I was at 83pts!  In reality, I had already ceased to be an effective force.  Mike really won the game.  Next turn, he had two figures ready to unload on my Objective Carrier.  Even if I gave it another order to run with the objective (I did have 1 order left), the Fusilier would probably be shot down by Automatic Reaction Orders from at least 2 models.  Mike was using his forces much more effectively and was way ahead on kills than I was.  I just did a “Suicide Run” / "Hail Mary" maneuver that had no right to succeed.
So, yes Mike won as far as I am concern.  I just had to cheer myself up after opening the crate successfully!  ;)

Looking forward to more Infinity, but I definitely need to re-read the rules.  My book is the Original 1st Edition and enough had changed to cause me some "problems".  The rules are downloadable for free from Infinity's home site.  Check them out!