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Product Review & BatRep: Check Your 6! – Jet Age

Long time between posts and suddenly I got 3 already in 1 week!  WOW!

So, took a break from Beta Testing and Graham and I decided to try “Check Your 6! Jet Age”.  The rule book has been out for quite a while, gathering dust on my shelf.  So this is the first time we ever played this game.

The Rules:
Basically, this is the classic “Check Your 6!” WWII game, updated with higher speeds, multiple Combat Altitude Bands, Radar and Missiles.

All players plot their movement in secret.  Then moves are made, starting with Out-Of-Control aircraft, slow Aircraft (bombers, etc), Green Pilots (Skill Level 0), then progressing through the Skills up to Aces (Skill +4).

Now the 2 games change a bit.  Due to Radar and “Beyond Visual Range” missiles, you try to first spot the enemy (using either Radar or Visual Spotting.  If you spot, you can attempt a Radar Lock and fire a Radar Homing Missile (RHM), or attempt to launch an Infrared Guided Missile (IRM), or just shoot him with your guns IF your plane has any!  (Have to remember, there are periods where nations thought that guns were obsolete and didn’t include them!)

Not only do you roll to see if missiles hit, you also roll to see if they MALFUNCTION!  Older types have a greater chance of failing than newer types (Vietnam was notorious for this, which is one of the reasons why they re-introduced guns).  Missiles also have a Minimum and Maximum range – also a good reason to have guns for those knife-fights!

IF you happen to attack with a missile, there is a chance it missile launch be detected (your opponent rolls for this) and if spotted, he may perform Evasive Manoeuvres, making it harder to hit and causing him to do Extreme Manoeuvres next turn.

Missiles that do hit have a chance to either do a Proximity (near) hit or Direct hit – having different numbers of dice for each.

Damage, Lucky Hits, Guns etc, all perform the same as the original CY6!  So, let’s play!

Like the original, CY6! – JA already has a number of scenarios and Campaign Books to help you plan missions or campaigns!

The Mission:
First Kill: Phantom          (Star and Pyramid Campaign book)
(This mission is also in the Jet Age rule book, but has been update in the Campaign Book.  I chose this mission as it was fairly simple and not too many aircraft.)

Date: 9 December, 1969, 1800 hours
Egyptian Ground Control detected an Israeli Reconnaissance Plane (RF-4E) and are directing a flight of 4 Mig-21F-13 Fighters in for the intercept.  Two Israeli F4 Phantoms are waiting to escort the Recon Flight home…

Israeli Forces:
RF-4E Phantom II has a recon pod and 1 Aim-9B Sidewinder IRM, as well as Wing Tanks, making it “Half Loaded”.  The plane will enter on the west (short) edge of the table, Low CAB, TAL2, speed 5.
2 X F-4E Phantom IIs, each with 2 AIM-7E Sparrow RHM and 4 AIM-9B Sidewinder IRM, plus Wing Tanks (making them also at Half Load).  They are loitering in the North East table corner, Low CAB, TAL4, Speed 5.

All planes have Rotary Cannons & all planes have Skilled Crew (+1)

Israeli Mission:
Get more Victory Points!  Damaged Fighters are worth 1VP, Destroyed are worth 4VP.  Bonus points for shooting down Veterans.  A Bonus of 2 VPs if the RF-4 goes off the table within the 15 hexes of the North-East Corner (Sector F, Edge 6)

Egyptian Forces:
4 X Mig-21F-13 Fighters, each with 2 AA-2ATOLL IRM and a Long Range Heavy Cannon (LRHC).
3 Crew are “Green” Crew (0), one is a Veteran Pilot (+2)

Egyptian Mission:
Get More Victory Points!  (Sound familiar?)  Also, the Egyptians get a Bonus +1VP if the RF4 exits the table from any other edge than the Israeli’s.

Planes will start off “hidden” (I will use extra tokens to represent double possible locations until they are spotted), flying in the Western side of the map, Surface Low CAB (Ground Level), TAL3, Any speed.

The Game Begins!
First, both players roll a D10 to determine an “extra” special mission rule, just like the original CY6!

Israelis rolled that the RF-4E suffered “Mechanical Problems” – it would suffer double reduced Agility at top speeds.  Egyptians rolled “Open Formation”, allowing them to deploy 2 MIG-21s in the bottom South-East table corner.
Initial Deployment
MIGs are represented by 4 of 8 white squares

Turn 1:
The Egyptian MIG21s all started to climb, hoping to conserve energy as they approached the enemy.  This turned out to be a mistake!  The Israelis spotted all the hidden MIGs in the first turn!  Re-reading the rules, if I had stayed at TAL 3, the Israeli Radar performance would have been greatly reduced!

The 2 F4s managed to get Radar lock on the 2 MIGs in the South-East corner, but not able to get “Lock-And-Fire”, so they couldn’t shoot this turn.

Going on…
The MIGs all sped up and moved forward, one looking to get in the tail cone of the RF4, another aiming for an intercept angle while the 2 in the South-East went head-to-head with the F4s.  Turned out to be a good decision – the MIGS (Black & Red) flew in too close for the F4s to use their Radar Missiles!  The angle was wrong for Heat Seekers (this time period, they were only useful if launched at the target’s rear arc).  The Israelis, having spotted the MIGs dropped their tanks so they were no longer at “Half-Load”

Intercepting the RF4

Eastern Hairball about to begin...

The fight quickly developed into 2 separate dogfights.  In the West, MIGs Green & Yellow fought with the RF4.  In the East, the 2 F4s (Red & Green) got into a tight turning circle with Migs Black (the Vet) and Red (Green Skill!).  Due to the tight turnings, both Radar Locks were broken.

Breaking Radar Lock!

First shot of the game was F4 Red taking a gun shot at MIG Red in turn 4, but missed.

By Turn 5, all the planes on both sides were flying at CAB Surface Low, TAL6 – all good altitudes for a gun fight!  Eastern fight was a tight-turning counter-clockwise circle.

Turn 6 had the MIGs in the FR4’s rear arc, but having done Extreme Maneuvers, the missiles couldn’t be fired! 
"Almost got him!"

 The Eastern “Hairball broke apart as both sides attempted to break the stalemate at the same time.

Turn 8, both MIGs in the west finally got off AA2 Atoll (IRM) Missile launches on the RF4.  The RF4 managed to spot 1 launch and dodged it, but the missile from MIG Green got a direct hit!  Sadly, Graham failed is Robustness Roll by 1, so only suffered Airframe Damage instead of being destroyed. 

RF4 Takes a HIT!

Meanwhile, in the East, F4 Green managed to get a Radar Lock On & Fire at MIG Green at a range of 21 Hexes, but missed by 1!

Turn 9 had the RF4 spin out of control as a result of his Evasive Manoeuvres last turn, falling a TAL level in the process and rolling a random hex side for facing.  Sadly, the rules state you cannot fire on an aircraft that is out of control.  MIGs Green and Yellow circle the stricken RF4, just in case…

The Vultures circle the Out-Of-Control RF4!

Turn 10 and the RF4 recovered from his spin, darn!  In the East, the climbing, diving, turning hairball continued, but F4 Green failed to hit MIG Black with guns.

Turn 11, MIG Green got a Missile Shot at RF4, but missed.  RF4 doing another Evasive Manoeuvres next turn.  On the other side, MIG Black and F4 Green go Head-to-Head with guns, both missing!

Turn 12 and the RF4 tumbles Out-Of-Control again!  (Dropped to TAL2!  If he falls 2 more, he crashes!)  In the East, MIG Red snaps a shot off at F4 Green, missing by 1!

Turn 13 and the RF4 continues to tumble!  The Hairball of the East continues as MIG Red Runs out of Ammo!  MIG Black missed a shot at F4 Green.

Turn 14.  DARN!  The RF4 recovers at ALT1!  MIG Black missed another gun shot at F4 Green.

MIG 21 Vet Runs Out Of Ammo?!?!?

Turn 16 and the RF4 managed to get off the table, but on the wrong edge!  Automatic 1VP for the Egyptians!  Meanwhile, the MIG Black took another Gun Shot at F4 Red, but ran out of Ammo!  NOoooo!!!

We roll to see what happened to the RF4 and because of the damage and flying off the table into Enemy Territory, it crashed, counting as a KILL for another 4 Points!  5VP for the Egyptians!

Turn 17 had both the Black and Red MIGs breaking from the Hairball, heading South-West as Green and Yellow MIGs head towards the F4s, having chased the RF4 away.  F4 Red failed to do a Lock On.

Turn 18 and MIGs Black & Red do a 180, heading back towards the F4s while MIGs Green & Yellow close in with the F4s, Head-to-Head.

Turn 19 and MIG Black fired a missile at F4 Red, but the missile malfunctioned!

Turn 20, the F4s had had enough and kicked in Afterburners, heading for home.  MIG Yellow fired an AA2 Atoll at the departing F4s, missing by 1!

We realized the F4s would escape next turn and called the game!

Egyptian Victory!  5 – 0!


WOW!  Good Game!  This was definitely a game of chance!  In the end, only one aircraft was hit and could have made it home successfully except for a bad dice roll!

If I kept records correctly, we fired off 6 Missiles of various types, and only 1 hit in the entire game.  Meanwhile, 9 gun shots resulted in NO hits!  Really bad rolling on both our parts!!!  My Dice are back!

Game Rules Impressions:

Having read many accounts of air combat in this era, the results of the missile reliability is pretty close to historical, so I would say the game is reasonably historic in its results.

The game system is pretty simplistic, allowing a short learning curve and quick, but fun games.  If you’re looking for a game that has lots of detailed Electronic Warfare, concerns of Fuel Consumption or lots of Beyond Visual Range fighting, this probably isn’t the game for you.  There’s not much detail here.  For example, while the MIG 21 has a different Maneuvering Chart than the F4, they both have the same +2 Agility Rating (Agility ranges from 0-3).  The Finesse points are all generalized for a more simple game play.  It’s Pilot Skill that usually wins the battles here – not performance factors of the aircraft.

While the game covers Jet Age from Korea through Falklands, the Aircraft Listings is not as complete as I would like.  They’ve concentrated on aircraft that are known to have participated in actual combat.  Some of the Cold War Warriors and weapon systems are not included.  (The CF100 “Canuck” for example or the Multi-Rocket Anti-Aircraft “Shotgun” Pods that were used for a very brief period.)  This makes it difficult to do “What If…” scenarios.  They even forgot to include the F18 Hornet in the 1st Printing of the book, though they included the stats in the Errata. 

On the other hand, like the Original WWII books, all the campaign books for Jet Age seem to be complete.  All major aircraft for particular warzones and battles seem to be included.  At this time, there are books for Korea, Egypt – Israeli wars from 1966 – 1973. And the Pakistani – India wars.  The Rule book also contains mini-campaigns for Vietnam, Falklands and Angola.  Between them all, there are a wide variety of missions and time periods to choose from.

One thing we noted during game play, is that you need to be careful doing classic Zoom Climbs.  While you can plot a Jet Climb that will let you climb 4 TAL levels in a single move, this will stall most aircraft.  Even Afterburners don’t help most aircraft from reducing speeds to dangerously slow speeds under these conditions.  So forget the “Viking Takeoff” with an F16 or F15 and expecting to keep accelerating straight up, forget it.  Those of you hoping to do some “Specialized Manoeuvres” that are aircraft-specific, forget it – those manoeuvres just don’t exist.  On the other hand, you can do High-Speed Yo-Yos (over 2 turns or more) or multiple Scissors, etc.  You can even do that “Maverick Stall” from the movie Top Gun, but I wouldn’t recommend it… 

Overall, this is a good to great introductory Jet Air Combat System for those who don’t want to get too detailed or over your head.  I look forward to playing more games soon!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Monday, May 12, 2014

WUBBLE Blood Bowl Game 3: Sandhill Serpents (Lizards) vs Da Basha Boyz (Orc)

Sorry!  My Pictures didn't turn out this time!  I'll try to do better next time!

So, after a couple weeks (or a month), I finally got a chance for another Blood Bowl Game with the ragged Sandhill Serpents!  Up until now, the Serpents have had 5 Dead or Retired Due To Injury players.  I was starting with 2 Journeymen Skinks (#7 & #14), just to get my required 11 players onto the pitch.

Da Basha Boyz have played a game or 2 since we last met, so I’m sure they’ve gained a skill or two.

So, doing all that Pre-Game stuff:
Basha Boyz had a Team Value of 1110, whereas the Serpents had only 920.  This let the Serpents buy an extra re-roll and a Bloodweiser Babe (+1 to recover my KO’d players) for team inducements.

Da Boyz had 14,000 fans show up to the Serpent’s 13,000, giving Da Boyz the +1 FAVE rating and a total gate of 27,000 screaming fans!  We therefore rolled to play the match at Naggarond Arena, in a BLIZZARD!!!  (-1 on all “Go For It” rolls and only Quick and Short passes allowed.)

Sandhill won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball first!

First Half – First Drive:
Da Boys blew the kick – giving the Serpents a “Touchback” (gave the ball to a Skink in the back field).  Cheering fans were so enthusiastic that Da Basha Boyz got an extra re-roll.

The Blizzard made things so slippery, that a Skink tripped and fell near the line of scrimmage, before all the moves were done to form a pocket around the ball carrier.  Quick Turnover to Da Boyz!

Orc Blitzer #4 “Grabba Doug” blitzed the ball carrier, scattering the ball!  A little pushing and shoving later and Black Orc Blocker #5 “Derp”slipped on an ice patch and stunned himself trying to throw a block!  Another Turnover!

As the Serpents start to move around, Saurus #2 “Krak Kee” threw a block and knocked himself down as well as his target – Another Turnover!

Back and forth the pushing, slipping and sliding went – with quick turnovers and lots of players knocked down.  Finally, Orc Blitzer #4 “Grabba Doug” earned some Star Points by Badly Shaking Skink 11 “A Dder” – causing the Skink to miss the rest of the game.  Finally Orc Lineman #7 “Zerp Da Lucky” skidded across the goal line, getting Da Basha Boyz on the board with first Touchdown!

First Half – Drive 2:
The Serpents didn’t let the Touchdown go unchallenged.  Two Turns later, Skink #12 caught an accurate pass and ran unopposed across the goal line!  Touchdown!  1 ALL!!!

(I’m embarrassed!  We forgot to roll on the Kickoff Table AND nothing significant was recorded!  I do remember the ball landed within 1 square of the Line of Scrimmage, barely avoiding another Touchback!  A Skink managed to run up, grab the ball from under the eyes of some orcs and dodge successfully back out with the ball, then did a Short Pass the next turn.)

First Half – Drive 3:
Well, this was just the last 2 turns of the first half.  After a High Kick that the Orc Thrower failed to catch, the Serpents managed to stall the Orcs long enough to wind down the clock without any significant injuries.

Second half – Drive 4:
Lizardmen kicked off to the Orcs and the fun began right away!  Da Basha Boyz won an extra re-roll due to Brilliant Coaching.

It was a slow, rough knock-em down bar brawl, but after 6 turns, Orc Blitzer #3 “Bob Hitta” crossed the goal line with the ball, getting the 2nd touchdown for the Da Basha Boyz!  In the process, they managed to smash another Skink’s Collar Bone, knocked out 2 other Skinks and another skink injured himself trying to dodge away from the Orcs!

(Technically, this was turn 6 – we had 2 more turns to play.  However, I had to pick up my wife from work and we had been delayed when my opponent’s 2-year-old Cheerleader kept us hopping all through the game.  Gotta love kids but sometimes they slow things down.)  ;)

Great Game!

Well, that was rough.

2-1 for Da Basha Boyz, they also gained another Fan Factor (7 total now) and the troll “Pretty Pete” won MVP while the team went home with 60,000 Gold Pieces.

The Serpents went home with only 20,000 Gold Pieces, but had suffered another disabling injury to a Skink.  At Strength 1, Skink #13 would be retired.

This poor team has been so brutalized, I can’t catch up.  I didn’t get enough cash to replace my last casualty so I would need to get ANOTHER Journeyman (3 total on the team) and it’s just not viable anymore.

So with a heavy heart, I’ve decided to retire the Sandhill Serpents at this time.  I’ll have to come up with a new team now and start from scratch, but at least it will be worth 1,000,000 Gold Pieces, whereas the Serpents had dropped to less than 850,000.

BatRep: Warmachine Cygnar (Nemo) vs Khador (Sorscha) (35pts)

OK.  A word of warning.

Both of us are Veteran Warmachine / Hordes players – we’ve both been playing since MK I.

We are TERRIBLY out of practice!!!  Neither of us can remember the last time we played a game!  (We’ve been devoted Dystopian Wars Version 2 Beta testers since January – but that’s another story)  So this was a re-learning mission for both of us.

For those who don’t know the game, Privateer Press created the game Warmachine to simulate battles between various nations using Warcasters who have the ability to remotely control large (typically) steam-powered Robots called Warjacks.  The problem is, the Warcasters have only so much magical ability to do both spells and controlling their robots, so they’re usually supported by various other “Combined Arms” in their battles.

I was playing Cygnar and chose to play the following list:
  • Original Nemo with:
    • Stormclad
    • Thunderhead
  • Journeyman with 
    • Charger
  • Unit of Stormblades with 3 Storm Gunners to boost the unit numbers
  • Mechanic with 5 Gobbos (Proxied with Trenchers – I forgot the models at home!)

Khador list was:
  • Sorscha with:
    • Wardog Attachment
    • Behemoth
    • Juggernaut
  • Yuri the Axe
  • Widowmaker  Marksman
  • Winter Guard Mortar
  • Winter Guard Field Gun
  • 3 Man ‘O War Bombardiers

We decided to play a standard “Kill the Warcaster” as this was a re-learning session.  Cygnar got to deploy and move first.  Due to the choice of troops, Cygnar was a “Tier 1” list, allowing the Journeyman and Charger to deploy an extra 6” ahead of the main deployment zone

Initial Deployment

Turn 1:
Journeyman activated and cast Arcane Shield on the Stormblades (+3 to their Armour Rolls), then moved forward behind a hill, following his Charger.  The Stormblades advanced to hide behind the same hill, but not all made it into cover.  Thunderhead and Stormclad both move forward, Nemo right behind, casting Disruption Field on the Thunder Head, Electrify on the Stormclad and Deflection on himself.  The Mechanic and Gobbos followed Nemo, ready to jump forward and repair either of the Heavy jacks when they needed it.

Mortar takes a long-ranged shot at the Charger, damaging it.  The Field Gun, suspecting it was out of range, moved forward, just to the edge of the hill.  Bombadiers and Behemoth move forward, then the Marksman took a shot at a Stormblade that was in the open, but found he was out of range.  Yuri the Axe ran forward, out of 1 forest and into another by the Cygnar Deployment zone, planning to ambush Nemo next turn while concealed in the woods.  All remaining units advanced, with Sorscha casting “Fog Of War” to protect her troops.

Turn 2:
Both Nemo and the Journeyman maintain their Upkeep spells.  Nemo cast Locomotion on the Thunderhead, advancing it 3”, then the Thunderhead marched up to Yuri in the woods and belted him – Yuri dead with 1 hit!  First Blood to Cygnar!

The Charger advanced towards the Field Gun, but found it was less than a ½ inch out of range!  Uh oh…

Stormblades stay hidden behind the hill and the Mechanic and his gobbos moved forward to act as a screen for Nemo.

Field gun takes a shot at the exposed Charger, but failed to damage it.  The Mortar made up for it, knocking off the Charger’s Left Arm (and gun) with a Direct Hit!  Bombardiers advance and shot at the Charger, but all scattered and failed to damage anything.

The Marksman runs and hides behind the rock pillar in the table center.  The Behemoth advanced and damaged the Thunderhead with 2 Bombard shots, while the Juggernaut failed to damage the Thunderhead with its gun.  Sorscha continued to follow her ‘jacks and cast Fog Of War once more.

Turn 3:
Now, in spite of the weapon arm being “blown off”, the rules state the weapon can still be used, it just rolls 1 less dice to hit and damage.  Using this information, The Journeyman advanced behind the Charger to provide more support, giving the Charger 2 Focus points to do its attack.  The Charger advanced and using the gun’s special rule, boosted the Attack & Damage rolls (back to a normal 2 dice) and managed to kill one of the Field Gun Crew.  Too little, too late, but a moral victory.

The Thunderhead, having been damaged, moved towards the Mechanic and crew, who rush forward to repair the damaged ‘jack.  Unfortunately, they were only able to repair 2 damage points on the Thunderhead!  Nemo cast Deflection once more and the Stormblades continue to cower behind the hill.

The Field Gun shot and Critically Damaged the Charger, knocking it down off its feet!  In spite of the reduced Defense Rating from being knocked down, the Mortar crew missed.  The Bombardiers move forward and each shot at the helpless ‘jack, reducing it to only 2 Damage Points!  Poor ‘jack!  Showing a LITTLE mercy, the Marksman takes a shot and finally destroyed the light jack.

The Behemoth, taking advantage of the mob around the Thunderhead, fired his Bombards and clobbered the group, badly damaging the Thunderhead and killing the Mechanic and 2 Gobbos!  OUCH!  The Jugernaught attempted to do the same, but failed to damage the Thunderhead, though he did kill the last Gobbo in base-to-base contact with the Thunderhead!

Sensing victory was near and not wanting to expose herself needlessly, Sorscha hid behind the rock pillar – out of sight and lines of fire.

Turn 4:
In another brilliant display of mechanical prowess, the Gobbers fix . . 1 Damage Point on the Thunderhead!  ARRRGHHH!!!

Nemo cast Locomotion on the Stormclad, moving it 3” closer to the Behemoth.  The Stormclad then charged the Behemoth and after a flurry of blows and lots of damage . . the Behemoth still stood!  Only 1 arm is disabled!!!  More humiliatingly, the attacks caused lightning to arc onto the Warhound twice, and it survived with a single life point left!

Stormclad in trouble...

In desperation, the Stormblades move over the hill, hoping to get shots on the Bombardiers, but only the gunners had the range and using combined fire, only damaged 1 Bombardier.  The Journeyman wisely stayed behind the hill and headed towards Nemo…

Charge of the Stormblades...

Can you say “Shooting Gallery?”  I knew that you could!
The Field Gun, the Mortar, the Bombardiers, the Marksman and Sorscha all blast the Stormblades on the hill, killing over half the squad (there were only 2 models left at the end of the turn).  Fortunately, the unit passed its Command test.

"Sir!  You have lost the King's Stormblades!"

The Behemoth, in spite one arm gone, struck back at the Stormclad, taking out its Sword arm and Cortex, leaving the ‘jack pretty much useless.  The Juggernaut moved forward and using arcing fire, took a shot at Nemo, but missed.

Sneaky Shot at Nemo!

(Looking at the photo - the Jugger appears it was probably in the Stormclad's 2" Reach - it probably shouldn't have been able to fire, but...)

Things are grim for Cygnar…

Turn 5:
Gobbers fixed another 2 Damage Points (as useless as that may be) on the Thunderhead.  Thunderhead was too close to charge, so walked up to the Juggernaut and proceeded to hammer it with multiple sustained attacks, but the Juggernaut was still operational at the end.

Thunderhead lays a beating on the Juggernaut!

The Stormclad, with no focus due to lost cortex (brain), swung at the Behemoth and missed.  In desperation, the Stormblades advanced on Sorscha and shot at her, but failed to hit her.  The Journeyman, cowering behind the hill, cautiously advanced towards Nemo.

Last (Failed) Hurrah of the Stormblades...

The Firing Squad opened up and when the smoke cleared, the last of the Stormblades were no more.  Behemoth finally destroyed the Stormclad and the Juggernaut attacked and destroyed the Thunderhead’s Cortex, rendering it useless.

At this point, due to time constraints, Cygnar conceded the battle as Nemo headed for the deep woods to hide...

Khador Victory!

OUCH!!!  Poor Cygnar!

Well, I deserved to lose that one.  I had terrible deployment, troop selections and played poorly.

First, my army choices.  I like Nemo because in a pinch I can allocate 5 Focus onto a single Warjack when I think it will do the most good.  I actually did that with both the Stormclad and Thunderhead.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t rolling high enough to do the damage I needed to do with the "overcharged" 'jacks.

One thing I would change before next battle is the Journeyman and Charger.  True, I used them badly and left them exposed on one flank.  True, I miscalculated the distance at a critical instance and was just out-of-range when I needed to do something.  But I think Nemo needs at least one more ‘Jack under his personal command or another self-contained fighting unit, such as Long Gunners or Sword Knights.  I just haven’t been able to get the Charger to perform where and when I needed it to.At the very least, these two were badly out of position.

Speaking of Positions and Deployment, I should have left the Stormblades behind the hill at least 1 turn more.  They had hard cover and didn't need to expose themselves when they did.  I got impatient and the Stormblades paid the price - to the last man.

Finally, there were the Mechanic and Gobbos.  I use this unit all the time with Nemo and usually it brings tears to my opponents’ eyes.  Nothing is quite as demoralizing as almost  wrecking a high-armour ‘jack only to see the worst of the damage repaired so that he stomps back on you next turn.  This time, I just couldn’t roll anything higher than a 2 AND I lost half the unit while they attempted to repair the Thunderhead!  OUCH!

Hard to criticize Khador – he did win the game!

Behemoth and Juggernaut together are nasty!  Both have good ranged and close combat capabilities.  I can’t fault his choices other than he would have been able to get more choices into the army if he replaced the Behemoth with a cheaper ‘jack.

The only other fault I saw would be the Field Gun.  As a 1-shot-per-turn weapon, it didn't seem to have the punch he needed to deal with the Charger and didn’t have a multi-shot Rate of Fire that would make it good against infantry.  It could have been his rolling but it didn’t really do that much damage to the Charger.  It was the Mortar and Bombardiers that caused the damage.  The Field Gun would probably have been better on the other side of the table, shooting at the other ‘jacks (though with today’s rolls, it’s hard to tell).

Anyway, a good learning game!  Spent a lot of time reviewing rules and card stats and I know I made lots of mistakes.  Time to dust off other figures and get back into the fight!