Games With Free Downloadable Rules That I Have Enjoyed

Spartan Games:

Writers of multiple games using same rule mechanics.  These Include:
  • Dystopian Wars - Fleet / Army scaled War Games in an alternate Victorian Era
  • Dystopian Legions - 28mm scale War Games in an alternate Victorian Era
  • Firestorm Armada - Space Fleet Actions in the Distant Future
  • Firestorm Planetfall - Large Scale Ground Warfare in the same era as Firestorm Armada
  • Uncharted Seas - Sea Battles in a Fantasy World
Check out the rules from the home page under Resources > Downloads


Corvus Belli's Infinity:

28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game in the far future.


Ground Zero Games:

Writers of multiple rules:
  • Full Thrust - Generic Space Fleet combat rules, including custom ship design
  • Dirt Side - Generic Large Scale Ground Combat in a Sci-Fi universe.
  • Star Grunt - Generic 28mm Sci-Fi Combat Game.
Check out the rules section on the store page - no purchase necessary


If you know of a ruleset that should be posted - please let me know!

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