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BatRep: Dystopian Wars - 1000pts, Kingdom of Britannia vs Prussian Empire

Admiral Von Shtupp was happy.  Once more, he was at sea, in command of a Prussian Task Force.  The best place for an Admiral to be.  As he looked out the windows of the bridge of SMS Graf von Zeppelin, a Blucher Dreadnought, and he had to wonder what the day would bring.

This patrol was another Search-And-Destroy mission.  Von Shtupp’s mission was to track down and sink a Britannian Dreadnought that had been spotted in the area.  In his last battle, the enemy's Dreadnought had escaped.  Von Shtupp was determined it would not happen again.

Now they just had to find a Britannian task force and hope sink the Dreadnought once and for all.  A Britannian Task Force with something as dangerous as a Dreadnought was something that could not be allowed near the new Prussian Carrabiean Base.

It shouldn't be too difficult. 

Should it?


First of all - an apology.  Some of the pics turned out terrible this time around.
I need to get a better camera...

The forces of those Imperious Warmongers of the Britannia had once more tried to trespass on to righteously conquered territory of the Peaceful Prussian Peoples!

Nyaaaa!  That sounded wrong even as I was typing it.  The Prussians were out to kick some Britannian Butt!  What else mattered?

I was feeling guilty as I haven’t posted a Dystopian War report in a while.  So Graham and I decided to blow the dust off the figs and, once more, sail the Seven Seas.  We quickly agreed to do a 1000 point battle and I started plotting his demise. 

I quickly realized that I hadn’t put any limitations on the lists.  I could probably expect to see an enemy Dreadnought (he’s predictable that way), so would bring my own.  I wanted some extra Air Support, and had to decide which way to go.  In the end, I decided I wanted the Fleet Carrier.  The problem with these choices, it takes up a LOT of my 1000 points.  I was going to have to be frugal with the rest of my points.

So, rolling the Dice, once more the Prussians had the Strategic Advantage and the Britannians had the Operational Advantage. 

The Battle area was a standard 6’ X 4’ area.  Rolling random terrain we both did horribly.  Only 2 islands.  One the in the North West corner, the other in the South East corner.

Kingdom of Britannia Deployment:
(South West to South East)
L > R = South East to South West
  • 4 Attacker Frigates
  • 1 Ruler Battleship
  • 1 Fighter SAS with 5 tokens
  • 1 Majesty Dreadnought with Pulse Generator and 2 Bastion Escorts (Commodore’s Flagship)
  • 1 Fighter SAS with 5 tokens
  • 2 Agincourt Gunships
  • 4 Attacker Frigates

Prussian Empire Deployment:
(North West to North East – mostly hidden in the North West Corner behind a small island)
L > R = North West to North East
  • 1 Fighter SAS with 5 Tokens
  • 2 Hussar Gunships
  • 1 Elbe Fleet Carrier with 2 Dive Bomber SAS (One 5, one 4 tokens)
  • 1 Blucher Dreadnought with Tesla & Shield Generators (Commodore’s Flagship)
  • 3 Arminius Frigates
  • 4 Saxony Corvettes
  • 2 Geier Bombers, Obscured (Flanking Force from the West – Arriving Turn 1)

Turn 1:

TAC Phase: The Britannians played “Lost Orders”, but it was quickly cancelled with the same; 20 points for Britannia!

Prussians won the Initiative – not that I wanted it…

(The dice rolls Graham was making already had me concerned – he had been on a really badly “Roll” lately and once more was rolling really low.  Sadly, we had yet to fire a shot!)

I hadn’t used Flankers in a while and decided for this game I wanted to try them again.  My “Plan” was the Bombers would arrive turn 2 or 3 and finish off some damaged targets.  Instead, I rolled arrival for Turn 1 and they had to be deployed close enough to the (undamaged) Britannian fleet that I was probably going to lose the Bombers in the first turn.  Knowing that, I used the Bombers first.

The Bombers dropped from the clouds, moved forward and each fired their Tesla at a separate Frigate, and sank 1, but failed to damage the other.  I then played Break Neck Maneuver and both bombers successfully made the climb back into the safety (???)  of the clouds.  Fist Blood for Prussians, but another 20 Points for the Britannian Forces!

Prussian Bomber Attack Run

The Britannian Battleship activated but with no other targets other than the Bombers, the ship trained two turrets on each.  One Bomber was damaged, the other was Crit (Guns Damaged).

Britannia Strikes Back!

Stalling for time, Prussian Dive Bombers moved forward.  Sadly, as expected, the Britannians were firmly focused on the Geier Bombers.  A flight of Britannian fighters attacked the German Bombers and shot down the damaged Bomber for a loss of 1 token.

As Expected, the Bombers Attract Too Much Attention...

Another Prussian Stall, another Dive Bomber Squadron moved forward.  Britannian Frigates moved forward and fired on the last Bomber from Range Band 2.  The Bomber was Crit (Hard Poundiing – 2 AP lost).  A flight of Prussian Fighters didn’t have the range to attack the Britannian Fighters, so they took position in front of the Dive Bombers.

The Britannian Dreadnought activated and, with no other targets in sight, blew the last Prussian Bomber from the skies with broadsides.  At least the Bombers had misdirected Britannian fire for a while…

Death By Dreadnought

Prussian Fighters moved forward to help screen the Dive Bombers from attack (no, I was killing time and Activations).  The final Britannian Fighter SAS moved forward – well out of attack range of anything.

FINALLY, the Prussian Ships activated!  The Gunships powered up their Tesla Generators and boosted a hard turn to starboard around the tip of the North West Island.  Checking range, they fired all guns at the Battleship and successfully damaged it (Missed a Crit by 1 or 2 hits).  Britannian Gunships sallied out and turned into a Line Of Battle so that both Torpedoes and Turrets could return fire.  The Gunships managed to successfully damage one of their Prussian Counterparts.

The Prussian Carrier also boosted its speed with a Tesla Generator and sailed forward far enough that she was able to sink a Frigate with the Speerschleuder in spite of the range and needing 5’s to hit!

Prussian Carrier Sinks a Frigate!

The Britannnians then activated their last squadron, the other Frigate unit moved forward – not too far as they feared being attacked and/or boarded by the Prussian Smalls.

With no further enemy reactions possible, the Prussian Dreadnought activated its Tesla and just made enough speed to clear Line-Of-Sight around the island for all turrets to target the Britannian Battleship AND screen the Carrier from any direct attacks.  With a Deafening roar, the Dread managed to crit the Battleship from Range Band 3, which caused a Fusion Leak (3 Corrosive Counters Worth)!

Britannian Battleship Sufferes Fusion Leaks!

Prussian Frigates and Corvettes advanced forward at max speed, but only the Corvettes were able to damage a single Frigate from the Britannian squadron.

End Phase:

The Prussians had nothing to repair (the bombers had been obliterated).  The Britannian Battleship was only able to stop one Corrosive Marker, so suffered 2 extra Hull Points!

End of Turn 1


KOB       160
PE:          60

Turn 2:

TAC Phase: Britannia played Battlefield Repair but it was stopped with Prepare My Personal Transport.  Another 60pts for Britannia.

Prussians won Initiative (Graham rolled Snake Eyes).

A flight of Prussian Fighters attacked Britannian Fighters and blew their attack, only shot down 1 token for the cost of 2 in spite of having Acrobatic Pilots (3DR instead of 2 in an Interception).

The Britannian Battleship, worried it was doomed, activated first and moved forward and to port.  Broadsides and torpedoes failed to do any damage, but the turrets sank the damaged Prussian Gunship with a Double-Crit!  Ouch!

Prussians Lose A Gunship!

The second Prussian Fighter SAS attacked the previously damaged Fighter SAS and shot down 2 tokens for no loss, leaving the Britannian Squadron with only 2 tokens left.  The Fighters attacked one of the Dive Bombers but due to their reduced numbers, neither side suffered a casualty.

The Prussian Gunship, trying to be brave, sailed forward to maximize their guns before being destroyed.  Broadsides damaged a Frigate while the turrets crit the Battleship (Guns Damaged)!

Charge Of The Gunship!

The Britannian Dreadnought moved forward and to port, sank a Corvette with torpedoes and vaporized the last Gunship with something ridiculous like 3 or 4 Crits while the Dreadnought’s AA shot down the rest of the damaged Prussian Fighter SAS.  OWwwwww…

Can You Say "OVERKILL"?

The Prussian Corvettes made hard turn to port and split their fire on the Dreadnought’s Escorts.  The Dread’s Guardian Generator worked overtime and saved both from taking damage in an inspired series of dice rolls.  NOW Graham starts to roll well again!  Grrrrrrr!

The Second Britannian Fighter SAS attacked a Dive Bomber SAS and shot down 2 for no loss.  Prussian Fighters move between the Carrier and the larger Britannian Fighter SAS, then successfully shot down 2 for the loss of 1.

Britannian Frigates on the East side move forward and attacked the Prussian Corvettes, damaged one and sank another.  Prussia was starting to struggle!

Britannian Frigates Engage Prussian Corvettes

The damaged Dive Bomber Squadron moved back to the Carrier, waiting for replacements.  Britannian Gunships advanced and sank the last two Corvettes!

Death Of The Prussian Corvettes

The Prussian Carrier replenished both the Fighter and Dive Bomber Squadrons nearby, then re-purposed the Fighters as Dive Bombers, giving me 3 SAS to attack with.  The Carrier moved forward its maximum speed, turning slightly to starboard (to avoid the table edge) and sank another Frigate with the Speerschleuder. 

In a fit of . .  Bravery?  Stupidity?  Anyway, the last Frigate from the Squadron turned and charged the Prussian Carrier.  Unsurprisingly, it caused no damage to the Great Ship.  Sadly, this was the last Britannian Activation of the turn!

"I Think I Can.  I Think I Can..."

Unopposed once more, the Prussian Dreadnought moved forward maximum speed with a slight turn to starboard and screened the Carrier once more.  Firing its guns, the Dreadnought sank the last Frigate of the squadron and then played Devastating Barrage on the Turret attack on the Britannian Dreadnought, which was cancelled with Espionage (gaining the Prussians a desperately needed 40 points).  Sadly, the turrets failed to damage the Dreadnought (dang Guardian Generators)!

Prussian Dive Bombers moved forward and the Frigates turned to Port and FINALLY sank one of the Dreadnought’s Escorts.

End Phase:

Once again, the Prussians had nothing to repair.  The Britannian Battleship stopped one Corrosive marker, but in spite of a re-roll, failed to stop the last Corrosive marker from removing its last hull point, sinking the Battleship!

Death By Failed Repair Rolls!

End Of Turn 2


KoB:       480
PE:          380

Turn 3:

TAC Phase: The Britannians played Radio Intercept (which gave the Prussians another 20VP).

Prussians won Initiative again, anyway!  :-P

Well, at this point, it was probably all over but the Crying.  Graham had let slip after sinking the last Gunship that he had completed half his objective and now only needed 20 points to complete his Victory Conditions.  I decided I may as well go for broke and see what happened.

The Prussian Dread turned and closed with the Britannian Dread before turning to expose her broadsides and all turrets at the Dread.  The Guns Thundered and the Dread took a Crit Hit (Generators Offline)!  (Missed a Double-Crit by 1HP – MAN I hate that Guardian Generator!!!).  The Britannian Dread turned to starboard and sank a Frigate, shot down 1 Dive Bomber Token then missed damaging the Prussian Dread by 1 hit!

The Dreadnoughts Confront Each Other

The Prussian Dive Bombers attacked and sank the last Escort, depriving the Dreadnought of her protection (not that it needed it).

Grabbing Points and stripping AA from Dread

One Britannian Fighter squadron attacked Prussian Dive Bombers and shot down 2 for the loss of 1 token.  A Prussian Dive Bomber squadron moved towards the Enemy Dreadnought, then the Britannian fighter squadron attacked and shot down 3 Dive Bombers for the loss of 1 token on another squadron. 

The Prussian Carrier replenished one of the Dive Bomber squadrons back to full strength, then made a hard Port Turn to aim its forward Tesla Gun at the Britannian Dreadnought (missing the Prussian Dreadnought by about ½”).  The Tesla Gun succeeded in damaging the Dread while the lightning removed an extra AP.

Britannian Gunships turned hard to port, fired at and damaged the Prussian Dreadnought.  The Final Prussian Dreadnought moved between the Carrier and the Britannian Dreadnought.  The last Britannian Frigate squadron shot down the remains of one Dive Bomber Squadron, shot down 2 tokens of another squadron and damaged 2 Prussian Frigates!

In a fit of cowardice, the last 2 Prussian Frigates made a hard turn to port and tried to hide behind the west most corner of the North West Island…

End Phase:

The Prussians still had no damage to repair.  The Britannian Dreadnought failed to repair it’s Generators.  Not that it needed to…

End of Turn 3 & Game!


KoB:       510Destroy all Mediums & 50% of the fleet – Both Completed
PE:          425Sink the Commodore’s Ship & 50% of the fleet – Neither Completed

Kingdom of Britannia is Victorious!!!


Well, Graham can quit complaining about his dice rolls now.  :-P

I think I had a decent force, I just drew the worst mission I could have.  I *could* have chosen to go with the Default 70%, but I didn’t want to give away my mission.  Besides, knowing he had a Dreadnought worth over 300 points in a 1000 point list, I knew I would have to sink or capture the Dreadnought on a 70% mission objective anyway.  It was a no-win scenario.  I maybe could have ignored the Battleship but it was blocking my flank attack on the Dreadnought AND a threat, so I really couldn’t ignore it. 

Hiding my most powerful ships behind the island didn’t help.  While it prolonged their fighting abilities and I was able to quickly get rid of the Battleship relatively quickly and easily, I was out of position to deal with the Dreadnought.  The combined close ranged firepower of both the Dread and the Fleet Carrier really would have dealt with the enemy Dread a hard time, IF I could have prolonged the battle.

Which was the main weakness of this list.  The two Massive ships limited my Medium and Small choices to 2 understrength units, each.  I probably would have been better served with a Single Massive and increased the number of Medium and Small choices, but that’s always the risk and trade-off with a battle of this size.  Same issue with the flanking forces.  In a larger battle, coming in on turn 2, flanking may have worked better.  This time, I gave away 120 points to my opponent.

Not that my choice of Manoeuvring helped.  I "COULD" have steered the last Gunship to safety behind the Carrier and Dreadnought instead of putting the pedal to the metal and doing that insainly suicidal charge.  I had pretty much guessed Graham's objectives at that point, but thought if I could have sunk the Battleship before activating the Dreadnought and Carrier, I would have a better chance
of damaging and sinking the Commodore's Dreadnought.  Only it didn't work and I had to wait for the Corrosion to sink it in the End Phase.  If I had backed off, I could have stalled possibly 2 or 3 more turns and had a decent chance of capturing or sinking the Britannian Dreadnought.  I wasn't thinking as clearly as I should have.  C'est la Vie!  (Pardon my French - assuming it is spelt correctly!)

Anyway, raham broke his losing streak and we got a good game that actually finished for a change!

Hope you enjoyed the report.  See you next time!

Friday, March 20, 2015

BatRep: Infinity N3 200pt – Nomands vs Yu Jing

Recently, Corvus Belli released the initial 2015 Tournament and Escalation League rules  for Infinity (you can Download them from the ITS page or Here).

The nice thing is that there are 3 levels of Tournament this year: 200 points, 300 points and 400 points.  With the scenarios and special rules listed, a player now has an idea what to expect and can plan their forces to maximize their play style and army choices.

The Escalation rules in the PDF show an 8 round campaign that starts with 120 points and works each player’s forces up to 300 Points.  Good way to start people off with a smaller army and working their way up to a regular 300 Point Force.  You could also, conceivably, use the Escalation Rules to do an Escalation Tournament. 

Hopefully, I can get people here interested in at least an un-official Escalation League…


Anyway, Graham’s Yu Jing decided to go against my Nomads.  I had 2 lists, one with a TAG (the Iguana) and one without.  I let Graham decide which list to fight and we agreed to go TAG-less; Graham didn’t feel ready to handle a TAG and I didn’t think it was fair to drop it on him without warning.

So, using the Tournament Scenario lists, we started with Annihilation (Low Tier) mission. Basically, this is a standard “Kill-or-be-Killed” mission.  Players received Objective Points based on the value of enemy models KILLED – not wounded. To increase the pressure – the game ends after 3 turns!

Both players were also required to deploy a “High Value Target(HVT) – basically a “non-combatant” model that would cost us the game if we killed one in error. I used a Tau Fire Warrior and a Pan Oceana model (acting as Military Observers, I guess). Then both sides rolled for 2 random Objectives from a table (This is to be replaced in the future by an “Objective Deck” from Corvus Belli in the future). Some missions require interaction with the HVTs, others require special actions by a “Specialist” (a Doctor, Hacker or Engineer) and some require the player perform a specific action or condition.

My Nomads were:
  • 1 Grenzer with a Multii Sniper Rifle
  • 1 Reverend Healer
  • 1 Mobile Brigada
  • 1 Spektr
  • 2 Alguaciles with MediKit
  • 1 Alguacile with Light Grenade Launcher
  • 1 Interventor Lieutenant with a Fast Panda

Graham’s Yu Jing were:
  • 3 Tiger Soldiers
  • 1 Celestial Guard
  • 1 Raiden with Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • 1 Raiden with Spitfire
  • 1 Guilang
  • 1 Zhanshi with Heavy Machine Gun
(Didn’t catch who was the Lieutenant)

We then spent a while setting up the table (4’ X 4’). Took quite a while with all those Cargo Containers!  Neither of us wanted too many long fire lanes.  We made the Store Buildings rear wall the edge of the 4’ play area.

We made our WIP rolls and Nomads won the right to determine initiative.  Of course, Graham made the Nomads deploy first…

Nomads deployed the Brigada, the Healer and the Grenzer on the left half of the table with the 3 Alguaciles covering the right, two of them watching the street between in between the buildings. I put the Interventor roughly in the center of the Container Maze and my HVT near the center of the maze.  The Spektre was deployed (hidden) about center of the table, behind the corner of the containers and just over 8” away from the HVT. 

Nomad Deployment

I took a picture of the Yu Jing’s deployment, but forgot to note who was where and I can’t tell which was which, other than 2 Camo Markers were on the Nomad’s Left.  Grahams HVT was also near table center, but closer to the apartment buildings.

Yu Jing Deployment

Turn 1:
I decided to give the Yu Jing the First turn for 2 reasons:
I would get last chance to shoot and kill any opponents with minimal risk to my own crew.
I got to play a Command Token for the Strategic Use: I made the Yu Jing lose 2 Order Tokens for the first turn! Bwa-hahahahahah!

Things started off for the Yu Jing:
Used a Command Token and Order to move the 3 Tiger in a Coordinated Order to move along the side of the Container Maze. The two Camo Markers moved forward a couple times on the Nomad’s Left.  The loss of the two Lost Orders really impacted what the Yu Jing could do…

Yu Jing Turn 1 (Tau Fire Warrior Is HVT)

The Interventor started things off: first, spent an entire Order to use “Cybermask” to change himself into an Imposter-2 Counter – rendering him safe from enemy fire. The spent 2 orders to run forward and get within hacking range to one of the HVTs to attempt a “Hack” (which I promptly failed)! The Hacking attempt made me lose my “Imposter” status, but I was safely behind a Cargo Container by then. It took me 3 tries (and orders) before I finally successfully hacked the HVT and completed one of my Random Objectives – HVT: Espionage – worth 2 Objective Points!

First I disguise myself..
Sneak up and successfully hack MY HVT!

I then attempted to drop a grenade from the Alguacile Grenade launcher using Speculative Fire, but sadly, the distance and Speculative Modifier made the penalty -12 – with only a Ballistic Skill of 11, this was an Auto-miss.

Turn 2:

Yu Jing:
More movement all around the table. The two Camo Markers moved way down into the Nomad’s table side, very near the HVT on my side. No casualties on the Nomad’s or Yu Jing’s teams.  Graham was getting worried at this point – he only had one more turn to gain any Points!

The Mobile Brigada used 3 Orders to move forward and use the flamer to make an Intuitive Attack on one Camo Marker, then moved forward and performed a Coup de Grace on the wounded model whose camo was Burnt away, and killed the Raiden with the Spitfire, which gained the first Kill for the Nomads.

(Checking the rules later, I discovered I missed making a Willpower Roll which I needed to pass before I could have flamed the Marker.)

The Genzer then was able to use his Visor to discover the 2nd Camo Marker – the Guilang Skirmisher.  As Genzer had a Sniper Rifle and the range was too close and the Guilang would have cover, the Reverend Healer moved forward and sprayed the Guilang with her Nanopulser.  However, the Guilang used his ARO to shoot back and in the end – BOTH the Reverend and the Guilang were wounded and rendered unconscious!

Genzer Discovers the Guilang...
Rev. Healer and Guilang knock each other out!

Finally, the Interventor took a shot at the Celestial Guard, but missed as the Guard ducked out of sight and into cover.  With no one able to spot him, the Interventor took a risk and used the Lieutenant’s Order, exposing his rank, to once more turn into Imposter-2!

End of Turn 2!

Turn 3:

Yu Jing:
Graham was desperate to score now – this was the last turn and he still hadn’t gotten any points!
From the back of the Deployment Zone, the Raiden with the Rocket Launcher revealed himself on top of some Cargo Containers and drew Line-of-Sight to the Mobile Brigada.  The Brigada dove for cover just in time as the missile passed harmlessly over his head (both of us failed our Face-to-Face rolls). The Raiden used a second Order to take a shot at the unconscious Reverend Healer, this time successfully hit the target and killed the Reverend Healer!

Raiden makes Brigada duck for cover & Kills the Rev. Healer!

The Zhanshi poked his head around the corner of the Apartment Building on his side of the table and fired an HMG burst at the Alguacile on opposite Apartment building, knocking her unconscious before she could duck behind cover! 

Zhanshi Knocks out an Alguacile!

The Brigada spent two Orders to move around the crates and perform another Coup de Grace on the wounded Guilang Skirmisher.  I then was greedy and did something stupid.  Taking a chance, the Genzer stepped out from cover and took 2 shots at the Raiden with the Rocket Launcher.  The Raiden reacted by shooting back.  When the smoke cleared, the Genzer was wounded and unconscious while the Raiden was untouched.  Sadly, for Graham, he knocked two figures unconscious but didn’t Kill them, so they earned him no points!

End Of Game:

Nomad’s Objectives:
HVT: Espionage – a Hacker with the Enemy HVT in his Zone Of Control must make a successful Short Skill WIP-3 roll.  FAILED!  I had misread the order and hacked MY HVT – it didn’t count!
Data Scan – Hacker must make a successful Short Skill WIP-3 roll with an Enemy Model within the Hacker’s Zone of Control.  FAILED!  The Interventor never got close enough to do a second hack on an Enemy Trooper.
Killing Enemy Troops – Per Graham’s evaluation, I managed to kill just over 50 Points of models: 1 Objective Point
Between 101 & 150 Points Surviving2 Objective Points
Total: 3 Objective Points

Yu Jing’s Objectives:
Extreme Prejudice – Perform a Coup de Grace against an unconscious model – FAILED!  While he killed the unconscious Reverend Healer, it was a ranged attack, not base-to-base.
Kill All Enemy??? – this objective doesn’t actually exist – not sure what he meant but it’s what was written down.
Killing Enemy Troops – While he killed the Reverend Healer, she wasn’t worth enough to gain any Objective Points.  However, I forgot my Spektre had never been exposed and was using hidden deployment the entire game.  Per the rules, Hidden Deployment counts as not being ON the table and as the Spektre he was NOT on the table – thus, he was not Deployed!  The way the scenario was written, troops not deployed count as casualties!  That bumped the “Kill” value to over 50 points and counted as 1 Objective Point!
Between 101 & 150 Points Surviving2 Objective Points
Total: 3 Objective Points

A Draw!

Ah well, so much for my strategy of hacking the High Value Target – I picked the wrong HVT! READ THE MISSION!!!

After drawing the missions I received, I decided to play a defensive game, counting on the Interventor to gain all the Objective Points I would need to win. Unfortunately, this meant playing a stagnant defensive game and in the end, I almost lost because I wasn’t out to cause casualties.  I kept the Spektre in Hiding because I didn’t “need” him and basically forgot about him.  As a result, Graham got his 2nd “Kill” and enough points to get the Draw.

The Limited Game turns really did affect the game play as it forced Graham to race forward and be too aggressive with his Camo Markers.  That put me in position to hit them with template weapons which he couldn’t avoid.  Sadly, it cost me my Reverend Healer when he decided to “tough it out” and shoot back.  The rest of his army was moved too slowly forward (with the exception of the Machine Gunner) to make a difference in the game.

Next time – we’ll both have to be more aggressive!